Dried Herbs & Flowers for Hamsters!

let’s talk about herbs so you may have
HERB me talk I’ll go home so you may have heard me talk about
herbs once or twice in my videos because I just I’m a little obsessed
with them now when we’re talking about herbs we are talking about the dried
herbs as well as dried flowers and you might be thinking well what does a
hamster get out of herbs? what does it do for them? is it necessary for them? and
I wouldn’t exactly say that you need to feed dried herbs and flowers if it’s
just not available to you you can’t get a hold of any it’s not going to be the
end of the world but dried herbs and flowers do have a lot of good properties
to them for example there are certain herbs that can do certain things and
help with certain issues as well as a lot of them have good antioxidants,
vitamins, minerals so it doesn’t really hurt to be feeding them as well as herbs
do make good for foraging in the wild hamsters are going to come across
flowers, herbs, different plants they are going to take them back they are going
to eat them so it does help with foraging and getting that natural
instinct in your hamster as well as herbs and dried flowers just they smell
really good so I find if you’re adding them into your hamsters cage it’s a
natural good smelling thing that can maybe help your hamsters cage to smell a
bit better there isn’t a ton of research out there with hamsters and dried herbs
and flowers there is only a short kind of list that I know of of herbs that are
a hundred percent safe for hamsters if you ever come across a herb and you’re
not sure if it is safe or not for your hamster avoid feeding it until you can
find out that it is safe for them since there isn’t a whole bunch of research on
herbs and dried flowers that’s why I’m only going to cover which ones I know of
are safe I’m not going to go through which are unsafe because there could be
a whole pile I’m just not sure so I’m just going to mention the ones I do
know are safe and anything that’s not mentioned today you might need to do
more research into it or just avoid it altogether so the herbs and dried
flowers that are safe for hamsters would include rosebuds, calendula petals, corn
flowers chamomile, sunflower petals, hibiscus
flowers echinacea, parsley stalks, raspberry
leaves, nettle leaves, dandelion leaves dill, blackberry leaves, basil, plantain,
birch leaves, blueberry leaves and peppermint leaves now peppermint leaves
are one of the more debated herbs whether or not it is safe or not you
100% do not have to feed peppermint leaves if you do not feel they are safe
but they have had some positive effects on rodents so it is said that peppermint
leaves can actually help support stomach and intestinal issues, it promotes blood
circulation as well as it helps stimulate bile secretions the concern
that a lot of people have with the peppermint leaves is the amount being
fed if it is being fed regularly it has been found to cause brain damage but
there hasn’t been too much looked into it whether how that affects the hamsters
a lifespan overall and I personally would say that you would have to be
feeding this quite a bit for something to ever really affect your hamster just
like a lot of things if you’re feeding too much of anything it can always be
bad even good things you can overdose on drinking water so it’s kind of the
balance of if you’re not feeding it regularly there’s not likely of a chance
of it affecting your hamster but if you’re someone who’s always feeding it
there is a possibility and of course if you don’t like hearing these risks at
all you don’t have to feed it at all so how often should you feed dried herbs
and flowers well for me personally I like to do it just once a week there
really is no research on whether or not how often you
should feed herbs or anything like that so I personally just go with once a week
I take handful and I sprinkle it throughout the enclosure so that it
gives bumble a chance to forage and find the herbs that she likes. Bumble
generally does eat almost all of the herbs some hamsters don’t like herbs
and flowers at all some will only like certain ones so it kind of just helps to
find what your hamster likes best but keep in mind that if your hamster
doesn’t eat a dried herb it’s not going to go bad in the enclosure it’s not
going to rot or anything because it is just a dried piece it’s not wet or it’s
not going to rot or anything like that so you really don’t have to worry too
much if they don’t end up eating any of the ones you’ve sprinkled in so where
can you get dried herbs for some reason in Canada in the US it is a lot harder
for us to find dried herbs and flowers we can’t just walk into the pet store
and have like a shelf full of them I guess there’s just not a big enough
market here for them but I do know in the UK at pets at home they do have a
couple of brands that do sell their own dried herbs and flowers like the
Rosewood brand you just want to make sure that the ingredients have nothing
you’re unsure about make sure they’re all safe and most of the Rosewood ones
I’m fairly certain are safe for hamsters you can also get dried herbs and dried
flowers online at little shops I know there’s actually quite a few and I’ll
make sure to link them down below you can find one that’s located in your area
this is the star West botanicals they have a lot of dried herbs and flowers
available as well as there are just actual pet
brands that sell dried herbs and flowers I think there’s the hay experts who have
a variety of dried herbs and flowers that you can purchase as well so a
hundred percent I’m going to leave a bunch of links in the description bar so
you guys can go check them out one last question I want to answer is I’ve had a
couple of people ask me can you just use teabag herbs like you just take a teabag
cut it up and use that I personally really
wouldn’t recommend using teabag herbs simply because a lot of the time they’re
grinded really really tiny and it’s better if you’re going to have bigger
pieces of herbs for a hamster to actually forage for and be able to grab
and eat if they’re like grinded so small there’s going to be a very hard chance
that your hamsters not gonna actually end up getting any or eating any of it
as well as teas tend to do like mixes so I personally would just avoid using tea
herbs so I hope you guys have enjoyed this video about herbs and dried flowers
I love them so much they smell so good and a lot of hamsters do enjoy them yeah
I hope this video can explain a little bit more because I do find I talk about
them quite a bit so I hope you guys have enjoyed this video bye there have been- hi why is every video that you decide that you are going to be
the star

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