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My name’s Mike and I’m with Bev MD and we
created a product called ClearFast and Dr. Umbach has done some trials and tested it
and he finds this to be a superb product for you to be able to have on your day of surgery,
actually the night before or the day of surgery. Many of you may have or you have a family
member or loved one that has had a surgery and you’ve heard these letters NPO, which
stand for Nothing By Mouth, meaning that beginning at midnight, the day before your surgery,
you’re not going to drink anything and you’re not going to eat anything. And if you happen
to have a surgery, or your process is going to be in the afternoon, say two o’clock, three
o’clock, four o’clock, that means you’ve probably gone without for a long long time. Okay? And
if you are anything like my family members out there, when they haven’t had something
to eat they don’t become nicer, they become kind of cranky. So this product here was developed
like an anesthesiologist and it plays by all the medical rules out there in terms of this
allows us to provide you this beverage and you can actually drink it up to two hours
prior to your surgery. So this NPO at midnight, doesn’t the rule no longer applies. So you
may hear the phrase NPO two hours, that means nothing by mouth for the two hours prior to
your surgery. And to give you an idea why, versus maybe, well why can’t I drink Diet
Coke? Why can’t I have a glass of orange juice and such? The product was actually engineered
with complex carbohydrates and as you all know with regards to your nutrition training
and such, carbohydrates, that’s the fuel for the body, but the complex ones are easy for
the body to absorb, but they are very slow to release, which means we are going to carb
you up just like if you were going to go run a marathon and so we’re going to give you
some reserves in your bodies so that during the surgery your body is able to maintain
itself. It’s kind of like thinking in terms of the body has two different states it gets
to reside in. One is a fed state, and one is a starved state and this is going to help
prevent your body from moving into that starved state, because that’s usually when complications
could occur with regards to just the whole process of it. Now the good news of this is
that it tastes really nice. It’s kind of a light grape taste. You would, traditional
for here at Blossom Bariatrics, you’ll have one of these before you retire for the evening
the night before. So you can, whether you go to sleep at nine o’clock, or twelve midnight,
or whatever. Then approximately two hours prior to surgery is when you’d have the second
one. There’s 44 grams of complex carbohydrates. So between the two of them you will have 88
and will have the hydration of the liquids in there. So it’s really easy for an IV to
get started and such and you’ll actually, oftentimes if there’s nausea, this will help
reduce the nausea and the upsetness with regards to that. But all the benefits really come
in in terms of your recovery afterwards, because your body was well maintained throughout the
surgery. So, questions, thoughts? (Voice in background) They have these here. Pardon me?
Yah, they’ll make them available here at Blossom Bariatrics, yep, to work with them on regards
to that. (Voice in background). Price on these are, uh, I believe they’re 15.95 and so its
a, the alternative is the fact that the water, it hydrates, but it doesn’t provide you any
nutrition. Unfortunately with things like apple juice, okay, it hydrates but frankly
it’s all sugar water. That essentially the, look at the composition of it there. We use a sweetener
in here. We are also using stevia, so we are able to provide the sweetness to it there,
but it doesn’t bring any of the calories to it or any of the baggage of artificial sweeteners,
which we all try to stay away from and such. We’ve also included an ingredient in here
called L-citrulline, which is a good thing for the body as it helps what’s called the
vasodilator and it actually kind of opens up the blood vessels and such to allow the
blood to move quicker through the body, reduce blood pressure and such and also assists in
the recovery of muscles and such after surgery. So again, this thing was designed for one
purpose and one purpose only and that was simply as a preoperative surgical drink and
they’ve been using a product like this over in Europe now for over 15 years and we’ve
just been in, we’ve introduced it here, actually, in January of this year for the US market.
So, the interesting side note is that athletes you might go geez, maybe that would work for
my son who plays soccer. Yah, we have a lot of athletes that are utilizing this because it’s
a tremendous source of complex carbs that will help keep there, for the same reasons
for you, it will also benefit athletes and such. Any other questions? Good Questions.
(Background voice): “How many do you need? One before and one after?”
You’ll actually have one the night before and you’ll have one approximately two hours
prior to surgery. That’s it, so a total of two. Okay? Yes.
(Background voice): “How late can you take it the night before, because we live far away
so with the time changes.” Oh actually if you have, I am going to guess
that you may have an afternoon like that, you could actually have one that morning and then
a second one two hours prior to, yep, yep. It’s oftentimes on for lengthy, lengthier
surgeries and such, the doctor may actually prescribe three. So, yep, perfect, perfect,
you bet. Any other questions? Alright, well good luck to you. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this.
It’s, my mom always told me if it tastes bad it must work, but honestly this tastes pretty
good stuff. So, okay thank you again. (Background) Thank you.

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