Hey guys my name is Kelsey and my name is Becky, and we are the sorry girls and today We are back to another dollar storage challenge. And guess what? This week, it’s wedding themed. We’re doing wedding week this whole week I’m gonna pick out something. Becky is going to pick out something and we’re gonna make something Mm-hmm. inspo. need some inspo I’m thinking like centerpieces or Backdrops or something like that because those can add up and it’d be awesome to do it out of dollar store stuff These are already very wedding. Oh my god. I love this so much. What?! Like I low key Just want these for myself. These can be used for marking placeholders and stuff, if you like sawed a little line you could put a piece of paper in it. You do like pillar candles in like a Glass jar like this or the centerpiece. That’s kind of a no-brainer, but maybe it’s too obvious. My idea involves amirror and I’m not finding much mirror here I am a nervous Oh hit the jackpot! This supposed to be cotton? Oh, it’s a pussy willow I Mean the faux flower aisle obviously for wedding. Ugly location challenge part two? Yes, yas! All right, I think I got everything I need. Wasn’t much and it didn’t take long. Hi guys, so I’m gonna start this challenge, and if we didn’t say it already, it’s wedding week! We were doing a ton of wedding themed things this whole week And I think a great wedding themed video is the dollar store challenge because weddings can get so expensive so we’re gonna try and do some sweet wedding decor for much much less moneies. So my idea actually is something that I Wanted to do for my wedding, or had on my board of ideas for my wedding But didn’t get around to do it and plus It was really expensive in theory But I’m gonna do it for you today for much less. You guys might have recognized this from our video like not that long ago We made a planter stand out of this But I am actually gonna take this apart and use the rings separately and Then make a florally ring Backdrop that you can use for like a head table or like a signing table or whatever. And for the flowers I got these all from the dollar store as well. These are falling apart But that’s okay because I would take it apart anyways I liked that they had like a pinkie tint so it’s a bit Bridally And also some fake eucalyptus because I love eucalyptus It’s one of my favorite. Is it a flower? plant? Plants? In total all the supplies cost me around $11 And that’s Canadian so that’s really not that much for something like this. So, first step is cutting this apart and getting the rings out Okay, so I got them all off. You’re gonna need some strong pliers But it’s definitely doable so now I have my three rings and really you can position these any way you want I think I’m kind of gonna try and do like a in a row like Olympics style design, I have this wire that we already has the office. It’s copper wire and I’m just going to join them all together in the shape And once it’s all secured tightly I’m gonna spray-paint it all with a nice copper spray paint Next I’m using more of this copper wire and I’m going to take all the flowers and that eucalyptus and kind of arrange it nicely on here. Also, gonna use it to kind of cover up the sharp little bits from where I cut it. Okay, so the flowers on it like made a world of difference This is already so Gorge and you could like stop here if you want it to but I’m gonna add a last step So we have this scrap wood in the office that I’m gonna write Mr. And Mrs. on or Mr. Mr. , Mrs. Mrs. tailor it to you with some white paint and then I’m gonna use fishing wire so it’s invisible to kind of hang it in the middle of it of rings and That’ll be it Okay, so once the sign is done and added on it looks like this And I just added additional fishing wire to hang the whole thing up It’s really cute like I honestly would have had this at my own wedding if I had made it earlier So I’m interested to see what Kelsey makes, but I think if I did it a good one this week guys So what I picked up from the dollar store was six pieces of this mirrored glass with a beveled edge So what I’m going to do is make a seating chart, or where you can write down Everybody’s names.Eeach mirror will be like a table type thing. I’m gonna make it look like a windowpane, I think, but out of mirror.And to decorate I just picked up some eucalyptus I think Becky and I both spotted the the new eucalyptus they have, so I snagged some of those. So my first step is to use a piece of scrap MDF that we already have, cut it to the size of my new faux windowpane. Space these out here Looks pretty good if I do say so myself Simple. Cut my MDF. Nowm I’m just gonna give it a coat of white paint. I think this is a white? Is there a reason why? Because white is Bridal. Man I didn’t know that thank God Becky came in through and saved me Why is the color white Bridal? Has anybody questioned this? Because there’s lots of virgins? lol So, I have my board painted white here I just painted the edges and the middle because, why waste time and paint? So, next all I’m gonna do is take off the little feet that are on the back of these mirrors And use some construction adhesive to place them where I measured them out. So, my mirror panels are glued on no fingerprints here. So, my next step is going to be using a combination of a white paint marker and white paint to write find your seats and all of the tables and names so that people can find their table. So, I have everything written on to my mirrored planes and the best part about this is that it’s actually pretty easy to wipe paint markers and paint off of mirrors So, I could easily scratch off a name if somebody decided they didn’t want to come or somebody decided they did want to come. Or if you make the mistake because we’re all human. So, lastly, I’m gonna take my faux ecalyptus and just add it on to the edges for some style points, and then we’re done. So this is my final seating chart, I did the lines like you could fill in lines or just like write names, but I want it to look like a seating chart even though I don’t have a wedding to fill it out for right now Super happy with this. It only cost me like 15 bucks. If you did this idea on like a larger mirror or a mirror that you liked you can wipe off the paint depending on what paint you might want to test it first But that’s a good tip that if you did have a gorgeous mirror you want to use and you Tested the paint or the marker you could wipe it off and still have a perfectly good mirror again Wow good job team I feel like our stuff could very much be at the same wedding. Yes. I know the same vibe same vibe Guys how do you guys think we did? I’m pretty proud of what we did It’s I think a close call But make sure you vote at the poll above Who you think the winner of the dollar store challenge wedding edition was. We have lots of other dollar store challenges that you can check out We will link some of those at the end. And lots of wedding DIYs, we can also link those at the end And if you guys didn’t know I mean you’ve watched this video so you know this is wedding week, so we have more wedding DIYs and somebody’s wedding video. Oh my god you guys have been asking for this for so long, and I’m so excited to finally share it with you so make sure that you subscribe and you click the notification bell you haven’t already so that you do not miss it because I don’t want you to miss it Wedding video finally. It’s gorgeous. It’s beautiful. If you want to our sneaky reaction We should link the vlog yeah where I got like a sneak peek of it. Anyways, thank you so much for checking out this video this week guys if you liked it make sure you give it a like and if You loved it make sure you sub it and bell it We’re gonna have to work on that one. Bell it and sub it. And bell it and subscribe. Sponsor it. BYE! Bye!

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