Do Androids Dream of Digital Flower? (Part 1)

negitoro9 PART 1 Do Androids Dream of Digital Flower? Flower! to be continued voice : toudourenge There was an Android named “Princess”. She was made as a weapon.
She fell a long long sleep because development was interrupted. One day she was woken up by an old cyborg.
She hid in the trash and escaped with him. She was trying to remember something. What is a “flower”?
She felt like it was something important. Continue to part 2

14 thoughts on “Do Androids Dream of Digital Flower? (Part 1)

  1. ライブ配信に来て応援してくれた皆様、ありがとうございました。
    Thank you to everyone who came to my live stream and supported me.

  2. ぱねぇ!声がついてフキダシが無くなったおかげで臨場感がぐっと出ました。さらに演出力が上がっておられる・・・。どんなスキルか想像できませんが、3D由来のチープさを全く感じさせません。音楽も今までと違って全く違和感ないです。

  3. Great job with everything! first project with a voice actor , and it looks better than all of your other projects. Great Job Negitoro9

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