#DIY Realistic Felt Sunflower – How to Make Felt Flowers || S Nuraeni

Hi! Welcome back to the S Nuraeni channel. In this video, I will share, How to make felt sunflowers. Stay tuned… And click the SUBSCRIBE button below, then activate the notification bell. Prepare pieces of felt fabric with this size. Cut each corner to form a circle. Then cut and divide into 12 pieces. Cut each corner. Give glue in the middle. Fold and press. It is intended that each part of the sepal has a line like bone on the leaf. Then twist the sepal. Do the same steps to make another sepal. Like this. Stick the two edges. Cut into small pieces. Like this. Then roll the first piece of felt fabric to the wire. Cut into small pieces. Then stick it around the first part. Next, the last piece. Cut with a pointed shape. Then give glue and stick it around the previous part. Fold it in half. Cut and divide into 10 parts. Cut the edges. And make the tip of the petals pointed. Like this. Give glue on both sides of the bottom. Then fold and press. Next, give glue behind the felt flower petals. And fold it. Then pull a little. And bend the petals. For the second piece of felt flower petal. Make also 10 pieces and fold the petals. Stick the felt sunflower petals around the pistil. Next, the second petal. Stick it in between the previous petals. This is the remaining piece of felt fabric. Put it in the hole. Then give glue. And stick the large sized sepals first. Next, attach the smaller sized sepals. Stick it in between sepals before. Then for the stem, to make it look thicker, use 3 sheets of tissue paper. Fold the tissue paper and wrap it around the wire. Next, wrap it with floral tape. Done. Thank you for watching. See you in another tutorial. Don’t forget to like, comment, share ,and SUBSCRIBE~

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