DIY. Make Coasters with Resin and Dried Flowers / Resin ART 🌼

We need some dried flowers More dried flowers More more dried flowers We only need petals Prepared dried flower and silicone model epoxy resin hardener Pour half of the mold and wait for /
the resin to harden. About 3 hours 3 hours later We poured the resin again 24 hours later Thanks for wathching.

23 thoughts on “DIY. Make Coasters with Resin and Dried Flowers / Resin ART 🌼

  1. magnifique j'adore je vais en faire mais ou avez vous trouvé ces fleurs séchées merci de me répondre de Belgique à bientôt

  2. I absolutely love your videos! I have made a lot of your things and I will show them off and end up giving them away 🤭 the ladies in my worship group absolutely love them and have a lot of them too.. so I need more ideas and my daughter is wanting something for her office. So anything I can make that would work for a nurse? If you can come up with something that would be great! God bless! Love love love your work!

  3. Hi, I’ve just subscribed to your channel. I have been loving resin art for quite some time. Would really appreciate if I could get your mutual support to my new channel too to since we are having common interest here, the best platform for having of ideas. Love from MALAYSIA 🙏🏻💞😊

  4. Omg these are absolutely gorgeous. I will make some. Where can we get those silicone moulds from ?

  5. From first watched video at your channel : Like , subscribe and activate notifications. Thanks for sharing. شكراً وبارك الله فيك

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