DIY Hairstyles! Hair Tutorial with 10 DIY Quick Hairstyles for School & 10 DIY Hair Accessories

Don’t worry if you woke up like this again,
cause I got your back, girl. In this tutorial I’ll show you 10 adorable hairstyles and 10
DIY hair accessories. These are perfect for school because they are super easy and quick
to make, they keep your hair out of your face and they look absolutely stunning! Hey loves! I’m super excited about today’s
video, because it’s about something that I’ve never done before and I love trying out new
things. So today we’re going to be fixing up our hair. I’m going to show you 10 beautiful
hairstyles and since my love for DIY runs deep, I’m also including 10 epic DIY hair
accessories. The hairstyles that I’m about to show you are so pretty and they are perfect
for school because they are literally done in no time. You can make them on your way
to school or even when you get there, because these are just like “bam” perfect hair. I
hope that you guys are excited and let’s dive in!
  First let’s make this cute wired headband!
We’re gonna need some fabric, wire, pliers, scissors and a glue gun. Start by cutting
30 inches long and 6 inches wide piece of fabric. I am just using this body that I got
on sale for a couple of dollars. I loved the fabric so I took the large one and now I can
make a bunch of DIYs out of it. Apply the glue along the longer sides of your rectangle
and fold the edge inside. This way we will get beautiful, clean edges without sewing.
Once that’s done fold the fabric like so and cut the shorter sides diagonally. Unfold the
fabric and make that neat edge on the sides as well. Time to take a wire, and cut a piece
of the same length as your fabric. Curl the ends with pliers to get rid of that sharp
edge. All we have to do now is apply some glue along one half of our fabric, place the
wire on, and fold the fabric like that. Wait for a few minutes so that the glue dries completely,
and we are ready to rock this gorgeous wired headband. Here I decided for a simple hairstyle
with my hair down. But this headband looks so cute with pony tails, half opdos, messy
buns.. It just makes any hairstyle 100 times more fun and cute. And when you’re late for
school, you can just grab it and you are out the door. With this awesome headband you can
make a great hairstyle on your way to school or even when you arrive, because it just takes
a second.  
A polished flower wrapped bun anyone? To make the flower wrap all you need is a glue gun,
string, scissors and some artificial flowers. Place your flowers in a line like that.  Cut
a 10 inch piece of string and set it aside for a moment. Now apply some glue on the back
of your flowers and quickly place the string on. If you want you can apply another layer
of glue to assure that this flower wrap will last you many years. Voila and we are ready
to put this beauty into our hair! Take an elastic band and start making a high pony.
Take a hair doughnut and pull your pony tail through the opening. If you don’t have such
doughnut you can easily make one using  a sock. Wrap all your hair around the doughnut
to cover it and secure with a few bobby pins. Finally take your flower wrap and tie it around
the bun, making a little bow at the back. I think this hairstyle is so cute and the
flowers really take it to the next level! This one is also perfect for when you are
too lazy to wash your hair because it keeps them out of the face and looks adorbs!
  Next let’s make this beautiful braided headband!
You will need 3 different colors of fabric, scissors and a hair tie. For the fabric I
am going to recycle 3 old shirts. Cut about 15 inch long and 1 to 2 inch wide piece of
fabric. Note that the wider the strips, the thicker the headband you’ll get. Cut the same
pieces from the other two shirts. For my headband I chose pink, yellow and minty green. I think
these are my favorite colors at the moment. I love how you can make these headbands using
different patterns and materials to match your outfits. Give the strips a nice tuck,
to get rid of that freshly cut look. Take a hair elastic and tie your fabric strands
on by making a simple knot. Now it’s time to start braiding and I like to place a heavy
object on one end to keep my work in place. Anyone remember this candle from my DIY room
décor? I love it so much, I don’t even want to burn it. Okay, once your braid is finished,
all you have to do is tie the loose ends to the elastic. Make the knots close together.
And here it is our beautiful braided headband. Here’s an idea on how you can rock it. Take
the hair at the crown and temporarily secure it on the top of your head. Place on a headband.
Take the front section of your hair and tuck it under the headband like this. Do this on
both sides. Let the hair at the crown fall down and you have an adorable hairstyle for
school. You can also use this one in a gym with a braid or a pony tail. I love the cute
little detail this headband adds to the otherwise plain hairstyle. And what’s great is that
it keeps your bangs out of your face, which is always helpful for school.
  Next I’m gonna show you how to make your own
flower hair clip. All you need is some glue, a flower, a clip and 30 seconds of your time.
This one is very straightforward: we just need to attach the flower on to the clip.
Apply some glue on the back of the flower and place on a hair clip. Leave to dry and
voila! A beautiful hair accessory that transforms any hairstyle into a pretty and romantic masterpiece.
I like to make a deep side parting and clip it on the side where I have less hair. You
can then just leave your hair down like me or make a braid, a side pony… whatever you
do – I bet you will look amazing!  
Sometimes, we just want our hair out of the way and a pony tail is a great solution. But
there’s no need for it to be boring! For some fun beaded hair ties you will need elastic
ribbon, colorful beads and scissors. Cut about 5 inch piece of elastic ribbon. I like to
stick on some tape on one end – this makes it much easier to thread the beads on. Slide
on a bunch of colorful beads. I have some yellow, pink, blue, orange and purple. Then
just tie the ends into a knot. Snip away any excess elastic and we are finished! I made
few of them using different colors of elastic ribbon and they look so cute. Now your pony
tails will never look plain and boring, but fun and interesting instead. These are perfect
for working out as well. I always like to put on colorful pieces when I work out. Strangely,
I just get very motivated if I have something nice to wear when I’m exercising. So these
hair ties go perfectly with my training gear.  
Plastic headbands are so easy to wear. Here I’ll show you how to make this beautiful threaded
one. We’re going to need a plastic band, embroidery floss, scissors, paint brush and some glue.
Apply your glue on a two inch section of the headband. Take your thread and start wrapping
it around the band. Make sure the loops are close together so you can’t really see the
headband under. For a neat look stick the thread ends on the bottom part like so. Apply
the glue on the section next to it and start wrapping another color of thread. You can
also use thicker thread or yarn. You’ll finish quicker, but the headband will look just as
pretty as this one. I promise. Here I am working on my third color, which is this beautiful
emerald green. You can make your headband using just one color of thread or you can
go a bit crazy like me. I don’t really have much patterned clothes in my closet so this
will add a nice fun touch to my solid outfits. Continue wrapping your thread around the band
until it is completely covered. Stick the thread ends on the bottom and we are all finished
with this pretty head band! I like to wear mine with all the hair pulled back. This gives
you so much volume and looks kinda retro, which I love. To add an even more relaxed
and fun touch to the hair I am also taking a small section of hair from behind my ears
and I am making a little braid. Secure with a clear elastic and make the same on the other
side. How happy and relaxed is this hairstyle right!? I love it. Oh and anyone noticed my
diy shirt? I love that one too, I’ve been wearing it loads! This headband looks great
with half up-dos as well. I’ll show you a simple half up half down hairstyle in a
One of the cutest hair accessories to me are definitely hair bows. They can be quite expensive
to buy so we’re going to make one on our own! We’ll need two pieces of fabric: a 10 by 6
inch and a 1 by 5 inch. A hair clip and a hot glue gun or a fabric glue. Take your larger
piece of fabric and fold the upper part down. Apply some glue on the edge and fold the bottom
part up like so. When the glue is completely dry proceed by folding the right part towards
the center. Again apply some glue on the edge and fold the left part in as well. In the
meantime take your small piece of fabric, fold it on both sides and glue the edges together
to get a neat stripe like this. Back to the bigger piece of fabric, which is completely
dry by now. Pinch it in the by middle to get that zig-zag form. Once you got the shape
you can apply some glue in the creases. Now we just have to wrap our little strip around
the center of the bow. Glue it on the back and trim away any extra fabric. Here’s our
bow all finished, the only thing left to do is attaching a hair clip to it. I like to
just slide the upper part of my clip through this opening and that’s it! I like to wear
my bow on the back of the head, just pinching the front top sections together. Literally
a 2 seconds hairstyle that looks so adorable and cute. And that’s why these DIY hair accessories
are so perfect for school. You can take them with you or just have some in your locker.  Make
a quick hairstyle before the classes start or after PE, no need to wake up early in the
morning just to fix your hair.  
I like wearing flower crowns especially with side braids. Here I am going to teach you
how to make this pretty daisy flower crown. You will need some wire, pliers, scissors,
florist tape, leaf vine, glue gun and the flowers of your choice. We’re all set – let’s
begin! Cut a piece of wire that will fit your head and form a circle. Swirl the ends around
each other like so to keep in place. Take a bit of masking tape and wrap it around that
part as well. This makes the wire edges less sharp so you won’t be able to hurt yourself.
With the florist tape go all around your crown until there is no wire to be seen. If you
don’t have a florist tape you can just use a simple green ribbon. I got my florist tape
in the flower shop, I just went there, ask and they sold it to me. Take your leaf vine,
I got mine online for less than a dollar and wrap it around the crown several times. Secure
the ends with a small piece of florist tape. Finally it’s time for the fun part – the
flowers. Simply glue them on the crown using hot glue. You can place them as close or as
far away as you like. I kinda prefer leaving some space between the flowers so that the
vine and the leafs can be seen as well. Here comes the last flower and we are all finished!
I think these hair crowns are so beautiful and they look awesome on pictures too. You
can wear them with your hair down or as I like to do – make a simple side braid, secure
with a clear band and you got a an awesome bohemian hairstyle. Flower crowns are a huge
trend this year I’ve seen them all over the shops, but they are so much fun to make. You
can make them using smaller flowers if you think these too much for school, but daisies
are my favorite so of course I had to use them.
  Flowy scarves can make our outfits more interesting
and full. But did you know that they can work as epic hair accessories as well? Alright
so take your scarf and wrap it around your head like.. a Rambo… no, just kidding. Go
under your hair at the back, make the ends cross and pull them up again. Make a simple
bow on top of your head or slightly tilted to one side as I like to do it. This already
is a pretty awesome hairstyle if you ask me, but I decided to do a half updo this time.
Grab the top part of your hair and pull it towards the back. Make a little twist and
secure with a couple of bobby pins. And there you have it – a super cute hairstyle, awesome
for school, a date or an evening with your girlfriends. This one looks so girly and kinda
pin up to me, I love it so much!  
Last but definitely not least we are making this statement flowery head piece. You will
need a bunch of flowers of different sizes, I have these beautiful pastel gerbera daisies,
a plastic hair band and a glue gun. All we have to do is basically stick the flowers
on the band. I am leaving an inch empty because that’s the part that goes behind your ears
and you don’t really need anything there. Apply some glue and place on your flowers.
I like to stick my flowers close together so that the head band is totally covered.
I only need one more big flower to finish of this pretty hair decor! Daisies and gerbera
daisies are one of my favorite types of flowers and I think these particularly looks great,
because they are so pastel, nice and sweet. I love to wear mine with my hair down or with
a side pony tail. Pull all your hair to one side. Swirl the bangs like that and then simply
tie your hair with a clear elastic. So quick and easy but you are left with a beautiful
and romantic hairstyle. Again, you can use smaller flowers if you want to tone down the
hairpiece a bit. These were my ten DIY hair accessories and
hairstyles. I really hope the video was helpful and you’ll try some ideas out. Please let
me know in the comments, which DIY hair accessory was your favorite and also give the video
some love if you’d like to see more tutorials like this. Thank you so much for stopping
by, I love you to pieces and I’ll see you soon. Bye! You don’t need more than a minute to create
awesome hairstyles. Just be creative, try something new and of course have fun with

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