DIY Flower Crown | Quick and Simple

Hi everyone! Today I am going to show you how to make the
flower crown as part of the Aura gown series. If you didn’t get a chance to check out
the sketch or the dress you can find the links in the upper right hand corner or down below. For this crown you’ll need three main flowers:
little white flowers of your choice, any kind of leafy greens and white dried baby’s breath, The rest of the the list can be found down below as well! So, let’s get started! First take your jewelry wire and measure out
the length you want for your crown. Do this by forming a circle with the wire
before you cut it and then play around with the sizing. Now double it. Grab the floral tape and wrap it tightly around
both layers of wire. This activates the glue. It does get a little sticky but it’ll slightly
wear off once the crown is done. Measure out your leafy greens and arrange
them evenly around the crown. Now glue them to the wire. Place the baby’s breath evenly around the crown and then attach them using hot glue. Next, cut and arrange the little white flowers
evenly around the crown and then attach. Once the glue is dry, check the crown to see
if there are any places that may need reinforcement. Wrap floral tape in those areas and you should be good! Now, you’re done! Simple and quick! Please subscribe for more diy projects, wedding
ideas, DIY wedding dresses, and more. Give this video a thumbs up if it was helpful! Thank you so much for watching and catch me on Instagram until next time! Bye!

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