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Hey everyone, this is Carla with homemade adventures. Have you ever wondered how to make a boat just like a professional florist would I’m a professional florist, and I’m going to show you Make sure you stick around and hit like and subscribe and to see our weekly videos that we post every Thursday All right today we’re going to be showing you how to make a dozen roses with baby’s breath So some of the ingredients you’ll be using today miss baby’s breath leather fern a vase of water and twelve roses You’ll need clippers and I And Then we’re going to start the base arrangement with greens that with a leather fern You’ll take the leather fern and arrange it It’s about four or five pieces around outside of the vase And when we get to this point you’ll want to add some pieces that are taller than Everything else and that’s gonna give a nice backing to the taller roses and our dose of roses And we’re ready to start cutting the roses and You’ll see me put this first rose back That one wasn’t straight enough. So I picked a straighter rose and that’s gonna go right in the top in the center And that shows you a diagonal cut And when I make a dozen roses I generally like to start around the top and Basically it’s about the first five so I’ll do like the one two three Four five so there I had to add another piece of green to make that one stable enough And generally when I’m cutting these I will almost Measure them you’ll you might see me measuring some roses so you the easiest way is to start with the tallest and Work your way to the shortest that way If you accidentally cut to something too short You’ll still be able to use it somewhere else in the arrangement Now this doesn’t roses there are really nice long stem roses And this is showing you that You know, not every single rose is perfect and you will need to pluck some of the outer petals off of the rose That helps that make it look really nice Here, we’re gonna open our gypsy philia or babies for us as most commonly known And by shaking and lightly separating that really helps it To be easier to use in the base arrangement Generally you want to separate it as Much as you can and you’ll see there’s always shorter pieces and different points in the stem Basically the longer you do floral design the more you’ll learn how to dissect the stems that best To use them most effectively and you’re arranging So obviously the taller pieces will go up towards the top. You’ll always want to start with the taller pieces if you accidentally make something Shorter, you might be able to use it somewhere else in your arrangement. That’s why you can start with the tallest And you’re gonna fill in all the spots around the vase arrangement And usually you can always add a little bit extra The only thing that you don’t want to do is you don’t want to use something that’s too short So you always want to make sure You stick something in that’s long enough that we’ll be able to reach the water source Then that way it will last the longest and here we have the dozen roses with baby’s breath and leather fur So we’re almost done now we just have to make the bow So what I like to do for bow making is I like to cut my tails first So the tails are what hangs down you just saw me measure it on the base that Way I get the appropriate length, and you don’t waste ribbon by cutting their tails and then having to cut shorter later on and then just discard that so you’ll see me I Basically will work from the outside Or the bottom up. So right now I’m making the outside loops So you’ll take the bow the ribbon? And you is all pinching. So you’ll gather that and make a loop and pinch and You’ll see me I measure the loops with The other loop to make sure it’s the right Mike so gather pinch Gather pitch So now I’m making an inside loop. So you saw me I did a little twist there and I gathered Pinched And you just continually adjust those loops so we’re going for an inside loop And Back to the outside. That was a quick transition out. If you guys saw it, feel free to go back and rewatch it So I’m still making outside loops And you always want to Kind of alternate so I’m going to do like immediate loop. So there’s the outside Medium and inside so there’s another medium loop And back to the inside And Depending on how fluffy you want your bow is when you decide to stop making loops So I want this one a little bit fuller. So I’m gonna add a couple more loops on the outside There I think that looks nice there’s the middle or no those are the outside Middle loops inside loops in case you are curious Trim trim it off the spool and so for this one for the dozen roses, this will go on a wired pic So what you do is you’ll put the wire through the loops and Spin it around the wire and get it nice and tight Kind of hard to see did the camera to focus So I’m just spinning that the wire around the pic trying to get it as tight as I can There that it shows you So that’s a nice ribbon nice and full On to the dozen rows as it goes and I still have to trim the ends a little bit but it’s not as much waste as it would be before so next you’ll see I’m gonna pull it all out and Take all of the greens and Give it another trip So back in the water it goes And what I’m trying to do is to shake off some of the extra bits that are stuck to the stems Leather fern is a green that has lots of fuzz junk on it It’s the easiest way to say and you can see some of that fuzzy stuff Was in the old water and now I’m putting the flowers back in fresh water after a cut And this water has floral food in the water So you can see the difference there between the two vases One on the left is not pretty the one on the right was and there we have a beautiful dozen roses finished Everyone. 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