#DIY Creative Wall Hanging Flower Vase with Waste – Best Out of Waste – Best Home Decor

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Nuraeni channel. In this video, I will share, How to make creative wall hanging flower vase for home decoration using waste goods. Best out of waste. Stay tuned… And click the SUBSCRIBE button below, then activate the notification bell. Here I have prepared pieces of cardboard. This size is 22 x 22 cm. This cardboard has the same size. Then I cut the middle again. Measure each side 3 cm inward. Make a line from the cardboard on it. Then cut right on the line. Here I use big tape or duct tape with brown color. To close the cardboard surface. Attach the duct tape on the piece of cardboard. Give space on both sides. Then attach the excess of the duct tape backward. Like this. Attach the duct tape on each side. So, all the sides are closed, like this. Cover this piece of cardboard too. Give glue on the back. So the tape doesn’t peel off. Next prepare 20 pcs of ice cream sticks. Set 2 ice cream sticks. Then glue it. And attach the sticks. Attach it face to face, like this. Arrange it like this. Then arrange again as before. In a different direction. Next Stick it with the other piece of cardboard. Here I use a small drinking water bottle. Cut the bottle here. Like this. Next, color it with gold pylox. It doesn’t have to be the same, you can use other colors. This is after colored with pylox. And this is floral foam. Put it in. Then stick the bottle here. This is hemp rope. Make a knot. On both ends. Give glue on the back. And stick the string. This is felt petunias. Click here for the tutorial. Arrange the felt flowers into bottle. Done. Thank you for watching. See you in another tutorial. Don’t forget to like, comment, share, and SUBSCRIBE~

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