DIY Blooming firethorn bonsai pyracantha with berries. Timelapse styling and special wiring method

this video is about my spring work on my
tree firethorn bonsais in a little timelapse you will also see the blooming of last year before we start the work I also want to draw your attention onto my other videos just hit my YouTube logo below the video window on the left side to see all my latest videos I was buying this firethorn in an online shop in Europe looks pretty cool since it come from a big plant nursery it was just pruned in a compact
appearance without any structure the branches run across all over so I repotted and did a basic styling looks just different after that the first blooming season … just awesome unfortunately I don’t have a picture
with the berries the black birds in my garden were faster the winter is about to end here in Bavaria this is how the tree looks like actually I will improve the general appearance by doing a little trimming and bending down the branches additionally I try to activate the bark around the big cutting spots for better and faster healing just a little fine trimming there was nearly no growth in wintertime enjoy my work for a minute ….. just watch for the down wiring of the branches I pinhole the plastic training pot for the wire you have less problems with the timing for unwiring with this method and the tree is fixed in the pot on the other hand you can’t apply any winding oops —– caution self wiring this is the result of the styling session this year looking forward to the beautiful
blooming and I will take measures to keep the blackbirds away from the berries in autumn let’s have a look on the timelapse of my second firethorn bonsai quite a change this is my firethorn cascade bonsai blooming last year I have lots of ideas about bonsai do not miss them subscribe to be notified thank you very much for watching see you next time

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