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Hello I’m Jennifer and in this video I’m
going to show you how to make a floral arrangement using foam flowers. So go
ahead and hit that subscribe button and let’s get started. All of the florals that I’m going to use in
this arrangement, I have created a bundle package and it’s going to be on my
website for purchase. So you can follow along with me in this video and learn
how to make this floral. Now, what I want to show you is what they’re gonna look
like when they arrive. They’re gonna be all folded in just like this and what
you want to do is you want to pull each leaf out or actually petal and don’t
worry about hurting them. They’ll be stuck together and you’re just gonna
pull them out and shape them all up. You can choose any container that you
want with these florals. They’re very muted so I think any container is going
to look really pretty. Now, I like a mercury glass container. This is the one
I’ve chosen and I’ll have one that’s a little bit taller because I want this
floral to sit on a dining room table. The first thing you want to do is, you want
to make sure that you put some styrofoam into whichever container you’re going to
use. And I’m gonna add just a little bit of glue on mine to make sure it stays in
there and I’m gonna set it in there and just hold it for a minute until that
glue sets. I want to show you all of the flowers that I’m going to use in this
arrangement. I have one of these. This is going to be the top center high one. I
have two of these. These are going to kind of come out from the vase and then
I have three of these beautiful white ones. I love the ruffled edges and let me
tell you I think foam flowers are so easy to make arrangements because one-
they’re big and they’re full and two- each little petal can be moved and
arranged and then here is the last flower I’m going to use. I love this one,
so unique. It’s a little bit gray with just a really pretty center. This is the
first flower I’m going to start with and I’m only using one and this one is going
to determine the height of the entire floral. I have said this before, these are
my favorite snips that I use for florals. I will put a link in the description
because you guys ask me a lot about it but these flowers are not the easiest to
trim but these make them trim like butter. All right,
that’s actually perfect. I like that. So I’m gonna stick that straight into the
floral and I’m not going to fluff it quite yet because I’m going to start
with the other flowers. Now, I’m going to use these two and I’m gonna pull them
out just a little bit. These are just so pretty and happy.
All right and what I want to do, I want this one to kind of trail out on this
side and this one to trail out on the other. Okay, trim it a little bit more. Wow
that’s going to be perfect and then you want to bend it. Don’t bend it just one
bend, you want to keep bending it into a curve as if it’s naturally growing out
of that container. Then, I’m going to get the other one and cheat and kind of line
up what I’ve already trimmed. Perfect. Let’s stick this one in the styrofoam and bend all the way down. Alright, perfect and I’ll flip those in a minute I want to keep moving along and
putting the rest of the flowers in. The next flowers I want to add are these
beautiful white ones. I’m gonna trim again. So I’m going to do three and what
I’m going to do is one two and three, kind of like a triangle, and space them
out evenly and keep the height the same. I’m going
to trim the second white flower and just to reiterate, I’m using three of the
white flowers I’m going to create a triangle and what that does is it makes
it look beautiful all the way around. This one I don’t think I’ll need to trim too much. See?
Look how beautiful that’s filled the white flowers all the way around. So the
last flowers I’m going to add are these three beautiful gray ones and I’m going
to trim them just a little bit and I’m going to do the same thing. I’m going to
try to create the triangle all the way around. Now I want to bend it down just a
little bit so that you can see it. When you trim the flowers, there’s a little
bit of paper that wraps around them it’ll kind of start to come unwound.
Don’t worry about it, just wrap it on there really tight before you put it
back in. These gray flowers that I’m adding I actually want them to be lower
than the white flowers and kind of coming out from the vase. Now that I’ve
got all the flowers positioned where I want them, now it’s time to kind of fluff
and bring them out a little bit. I’m gonna kind of turn these a little bit
and keeping this one as the center. You just kind of fluff. That helps fill in any gaps and you can
open some flowers up you can leave some of them closed. There’s really no right
or wrong way to do it on these long ones that are coming out. So how easy was that to make this
gorgeous floral? The most unique flowers! Find yourself a beautiful container and
everybody will be drooling over your centerpiece. Be sure to subscribe to my
channel. I’m gonna have another video out next week and I hope you have a
wonderful, wonderful day!

53 thoughts on “DIY Artificial Flower Arrangement | Jennifer Decorates

  1. What unique flowers. They come out with something new all the time. I love the gray ones. you don't think of that color so much in floral. Thank you for the presentation.

  2. Geez, I really hate you and your beautiful lashes. That said, I love your channel and every idea. The floral is wonderful.

  3. Beautiful floral arrangement! Never knew that there was foam flowers. What is your online store address? Want to check it out. Are these foam flowers available in various colors?

  4. Hi Jennifer, beautiful flower arrangement…you said we could buy these flowers on your website, what would I have to do to get to your site…is their a email or what….I’m really interested in buying some…
    Thank you, Virginia Baker

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