Demi Rose Mawby – Laser Eye Surgery | Optical Express

hi guys my name is Demi rose and I’m
model DJ from Birmingham and today’s the day I’m gonna get rid of please I was
never really that confident but as soon as I started social media I start
getting to where and now I have about 5 million followers on Instagram literally
my career is just like sword I just I really want to try out laser because
when I shoot like we go through different weather changes like sand
going in your eyes and the wind I thought it would be amazing if I just
didn’t need glasses and I’m really excited to have it done I’m here right
now I’m Harley Street and I’m about to get it done I had a consultation with
Optical Express and it was really nice and I’m so friendly to me
after this I don’t see push me look hi hi nice to meet you okay I’ve just got out surgery I’m
really excited I still don’t know what it feels like yet to see but it should
come soon I’ve been sleeping for hours now about 12 hours so I’m excited to see
this morning how everything’s gonna look this is like Manchester Street
Blandford Street before what I could not see this at all
we really see like that yeah it seems pretty good it just feel
like I’m confident Suzanne it’s crazy I can’t wait for later on
today and tomorrow and the day after see how much better or gap I think needs to
do a world of good

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