DAY6 How Can I Say MV Reaction

“Bruno Mars- What I Like” Yo what’s up everybody It’s your boy JRE Tiny T.O.P Anyways, we about to check out Day6. How Can I Say Now Day6 be killin it I feel like they be killin it I be feeling them What’s good? How you doing? Bless up! Oh actually, let me say that I got a new video. Dancing for Hyuna. Yes I got to dance for Hyuna And it’s in the link in the description down below Go check it out Let’s get it started LET’S GET IT STARTED We’re at the Block B concert in Amsterdam With total strangers And we love your channel Play my intro! My nipples are hard Oh! I mean… uhhh. ummm Let’s begin. Lets get this started. You okay? I’m good. Alright let’s go You hear that Sh**?! I mean you cardboard, but you know. There’s Jae. Ohh your voice. Why does that give me chills yo It’s just that epicness Yo, I’m feelin’ it. It’s refreshing every time Day6 comes back every month It’s so refreshing. I feel like. Get your ish on that bass boy! That angle though Dude! It’s like another anime intro. I’m sorry. I had to say it. Get your ish Jae How can you say? Yo! You know what music video they should go for next? Like a Scott Pilgrim You know what I’m talking about A Scott Pilgrim kind of feel. I don’t know why it gave me that feel Hate me now You hear this ish boi?! Talkin’ to a cardboard I’m sorry. I just stayed in one position. This is dope This is coming on my playlist You can be my workout playlist I’m liking these shots It’s like simple, just different angles Look at Young K. That’s dope. Get yours Day6. Is their real background like a green screen? How can I say? What? Did it just stop? Hold up. No! Why would you do that to me?! What the F…. That’s Ahhh You know that feeling when you. Maybe y’all might be a little bit too young to Just comparison. Never mind. You know when you get that hi. Let’s make it PG. When you get…. I don’t know how to make it PG. Okay when you’re having fun And all of a sudden it just cuts off. Yeah, that’s the feeling Someone gave me that at the Orlando fan meet. Thank you for that by the way. It’s super awesome I love derp faces. I don’t really want to. I didn’t make that. I don’t wanna make those. I did buy a freakin’ TOP. “Bruno Mars- Chunky” 49 seconds left of this music video. That stopped for some reason But now i got it corrected BUT! Let’s get back into Day6. Let’s go How can I say! Oh you don’t love you no more? You don’t love me no more?? Look at that finger work. Oh. I’m feeling it mannn. Good job for Day6. This deserve this. Look at Jae! Is it gonna cut off? I knew it. How? I knew it would cut off. I was feeling it. It does feel like an anime intro as always I don’t know I feel like because anime intros are always like rock. Or like it starts off soft and then it gets harder PAUSE But! Day6 coming back Like I said before Day6 coming back each month Is like a refreshing thing to me. I don’t know about to y’all But every time they come back it’s like refreshing So thank you. I just gotta say thank you Day6. Can’t wait till the next one. And this is definitely going on my workout playlist for real. Anyways, thank you guys for watching. Like this video, share this video SUBSCRIBE. This is your boy JRE from JREKML Love you all of my Sexy, Beautiful people Listen to K-Pop, it feels good Listen to Day6, it feels good man Listen to music in general, it feels good Because we were all just jammin’ to music I was just jammin’ to Bruno mars if you didn’t already know That Bruno Mars album by the way is amazing! And yeah. Dream, Believe, Do, Repeat Keep on dreaming dreamers Put some hard work into it And your dreams might just come TRUE! Don’t limit yourself. Alright? What you gotta say Tiny T.O.P? Okay! Alright y’all. Thank you guys for watching. And till next time alright? Bye 🙂 HEY! You better subscribe! Imma just leave tiny T.O.P right here If you don’t mind. Okay? “T.O.P- Doom Dada” “Good Times Theme Song” Subtitles by the community

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