6 thoughts on “Daily Catholic Mass – 2020-02-28 – Fr. Joseph

  1. For an immediate cessation of criminal activity that has caused severe illness for my aged mother, myself, and 2 pets. These are criminals being protected by the local police force. They force effluent from their meth lab into our home. For healing of my mother's health and vision, mine as well, as well as my 2 dogs. For restoration of our lives and lost years. For release from any spiritual warfare waged against us. For the ability to regain income more immediately than not and the restoration of our wealth as well through doing the will of the Lord. For the criminal prosecution and imprisonment of all involved. For the immediate completion and delivery of documents to federal officials that will respond this time and force an end to this horrible situation that has gone on for 5.5 years. For completion of the book with biblical annotation and acceptance by publishers at no cost to us. This is a very, very serious sanctuary city issue.

  2. Have not see Fr Anthony in a few years now. he had some faith filled homilies. Hope he gets well and back in TV on this small chapel !!

  3. No offense Father Joe but the employees at EWTN, Shrine of the Blessed Sacrament & Saint Bernards Etc, they do not sacrificer. They eat food from non-catholics. They give jobs to non-catholics. They don't clean the spider webs from the giant Nativity. They do not rake the leaves the brothers. No they do not sacrifice sir. Their paycheck. The reward of Heaven. And they only give 10% back. They do not sacrifice what about the other 90%. Let them truly sacrifice. Not the MTV way. But St. John the Baptist way I dare them.

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