Cut Your Own Flowers at Makkink’s Flower Farm | Experience Oxford County

The mornings are awesome. That’s the best part of the day. The sun comes up, it’s quiet, you hear the birds. I’m walking through the flowers and for me that’s just actually the best part of the park. We started with sunflowers, I think
seven or eight years ago and now we have 45 varieties with peonies, dahlias, sunflowers
and you name it. The flowers give me alot of joy especially that I can share my love for the flowers and tell about my farm and that people come here and
have a good afternoon. So we are offering to cut your own and the workshops here. You cut your whole pail full of flowers and then I teach you how to make your
arrangements. A lot of people say “oh I can do it” but everybody goes on with a
super masterpiece so everybody can do it. Yeah just go home with a beautiful
arrangement and that you think I did it myself.

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