Customer Reviews of High-potency Pine Pollen Tincture

You want to see some pine
pollen tincture reviews? We got them. 74 and counting. You want to see what this amazing
tincture is doing for people, how it’s affecting their testosterone
levels, energy, and what else? Well, we got it. Let’s dive in. It’s around the Pine Pollen tincture
page over at Lost Empire Herbs. You can see currently as a time
of filming 74 customer reviews, just a bit over four stars,
which is pretty solid. You can click this link here
or also the tab down here. We also have some other cool stuff
here like independent third-party, testing. The
scientific references, the limited stuff that’s
available there. So that is there. But let’s dive into the reviews. So we start off with a little bit
of a negative and a weird one here. Let’s get into it. So once again, nothing works for everybody and you can
kind of see this clearly in the reviews here. So this person says it does
work, it works in the beginning. He ingested it, the
normal way of taking it. Also sometimes we have told
people they can experiment, but applying it to the testicles, won’t
get into details about how that works. But understand he stopped
taking it cause he got a rash. It is a high alcohol thing so that, yeah, I don’t know how much you would actually
do, it did say at first it gave him instant erection. That’s funny. But
over time the effects weren’t as potent. Uh, so that is one thing that can happen
with all herbs is you may get immediate sort of boost from it, but then it
doesn’t seem to have the same effect. And oftentimes it is having the
same effects. Like if it’s energy, it just can be hard to compare
it. But it is what it is. So this person rated it, two stars.
Let’s compare that to Jerry here. Who had Five Stars, really cool. 72-year-old guy, had a
testosterone level of 473, took pine Polum tincture for
five months. Good long time. It took his blood test and got 820,
so not quite doubling his testosterone, but pretty close there with
that, 72 years of age. Right. So the whole testosterone goes down
with age lie, you know, that’s, it’s not age itself that’s a problem.
It is what happens during that time. So here’s a guy that at 72 years of age,
820, which is more than most guys, even in their 30s seem to
have these days. So, uh, he told his doctor about pine polling
tincture and the doctor was actually open to it. So that is really cool
too. Then we see David here, another one star. “Zero impact.” Once
again, nothing works for everyone. Um, and that’s unfortunate. But then
Alwyn here, “this product works.” Let’s see. I think the highlight here, he’s
talking about taking the tablets. So I may be talking about the pine
pollen capsules as well, but, three droppers full. So taking
a bigger than a normal dose. Uh, yeah, so going into the specifics of what is
happening here, that morning wood test. Um, and he looks like he got
better testosterone as well,
and the exercise benefits there. Oh here’s a long
four-star review. Anyway, I’m not going to go
into all of these here. I think this gives you an idea that if
you want to see real reviews from real people, we don’t do fake reviews or any of
that crap that some other companies may engage in here, but you see real legitimate stuff. And we
don’t get rid of reviews unless you know, sometimes people ask questions on
here, so if it’s a legitimate review, whether the one-star or five-star, anywhere in between, we keep it here. So people
are getting good results, which is why it has an average
of four stars. But once again, nothing works for everyone. It is high alcohol and that is done on purpose in order to extract and deliver the hormonal component. So
some people just can’t handle that. That’s unfortunate. If you
have any other questions, you can come on this page and
ask them. Our customer service we’ll be happy to help
you out. Here’s the thing. We recognize that not everything works
for everyone and not working with you one on one. It is hard to say
what is going to help. So what we have is a one year empty
bag or bottle money-back guarantee. You can try it out. You don’t
even need to send anything back. If you are one of these people
that it does not work for you, you can get your money back and
if it does work for you, great. That’s what we want. That’s
what we’re going for. And hopefully, you’ll continue
beauty customer of ours. So you can find this at just go there. Then you’ll be able to find the pine pollen tincture and there’s a
whole lot more info available. Tons of details about it. So if you’re
looking for more, there’s a lot there.

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  1. Hello Sir, I have a question for you. Why do pro-bodybuilder and strongmen take: creatine, casein protein, whey protein, l-citrulline, l-arginine, C.L.A, testosterone, insulin, and performance enhancing drugs? Why not take herbs like: Tongkat ali, shilajit, horny goat weed, pine pollen, deer antler, bovine colostrum, and etc? What are your thoughts?

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