Cube Vase Fresh Flower Centerpiece Valentine Special with Heart

In this demo, we are going to make this lovely cube vase arrangement with red roses & pink orchids. Get a glass cube (any color). Cut a piece of pre-soaked wet foam. Obtain two Ti Leaves. Wrap the wet foam around with 2 ti leaves. Place the wrapped foam in the cube. Secure the wrapped foam in the cube with green waterproof tape. Green the foam with foliage. Salal leaves were used. Arrange 4 roses around in different directions. Insert more roses into the foam. Arrange them all around. Cut the pink dendro orchids in proper length. Insert them into arrangement. Insert more flowers. Star of Bethlehem stems and pink stargazer lily buds were added. Arrange the flowers all around. Tie a few strips of bear grasses together with wooden floral pick. Use the wire on the wood pick to secure the bottom of the bear grasses. Insert the bear grass bottom pick part into the arrangement. Use the wood pick on the tips of the bear grasses. Use the wire on the pick to tie the bear grass tips together. Insert the bear grass tips into the arrangement. Arrange the 2 bear grass strips and make them look like a heart shape. Make a pink fabric bow pick with ribbon and wire. Insert the bow pick at the front of the arrangement. Here we go~ A cute heart centerpiece for Valentine~

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