#CSBIC2019 Finalists – Edible Bouquets

Everyday people face with the problem of choosing
a gift. Most of them think about standard bouquets of flowers. We want to break stereotypes
that bouquets can consist only of flowers and offer you edible bouquets of fruits and
sweets. For their creation you don’t need to pluck flowers that after a while go to
landfill and begin to rot emitting greenhouse gases. Based on personal experience we came
to conclusion that our customers could be both men and women from 18 to 45 years old,
who are frequent users of social networks. We plan to create a website and page in social
network and there will be presented catalogue of our products. Our customers will only have
to visit website, select bouquet and place an order. We will also put a website on paid
advertising and social network. We also want to give people the opportunity to place an
order from anywhere in the world for their relatives and friends in Azerbaijan. The
individuality of our idea is that we create bouquets only from edible products unlike
our competitors who create edible bouquet adding flowers. The originality of the bouquet
is that it can be eaten, of course apart from the wrapper!

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