Crochet Free Pattern Beginner Flower Vase How To With Maggie Weldon

Hi I’m Maggie with and in this video i’m gonna show you how
to do one of my favorite simple super easy designs uh… that i did during a crochet along one night on facebook This just is a glass inside here from the dollar store see that see and I just crocheted a cover for it and then i put a strap on it so you could hang it like off a cabinet little door handle or somewhere in the kitchen on an upper cabinet door and then you can fill it with flowers, you could do this, i like the white for summer flowers and then i would do one
in creme maybe for the fall flowers you could even buy artificial flowers and stick in here i just think its a great gift also and super super easy way easy, i love easy stuff so you can also make adjustments for
other size glasses or little vases that you pick up at the resale shop or the dollar store and its very inexpensive too so basically we’re gonna start from the
bottom with a rounded double crochet and then there’s another round of double
crochet and then i just did a round of single crochet and maybe if you had a smaller vase you wouldn’t need to do this round because each of these rounds down here are increasing so you might cut that out and as long as you have a multiple of two stitches this works. No matter how many stitches you end up increasing to on the
bottom so long as you get your circle just
about right on the bottom of your glass and as long as its an even number you’ll be fine when you start the rounds going up the sides so anyway let me get started on this and you start with a slip knot I do have another video for slip knots and the link for the directions with be under the description of this video so to start out with, you start at the bottom you chain 4 and then you join with a slip stitch in the first chain to form a ring like that so now i have a ring and then it says to chain three and then that’s going to count as my first double crochet So i did that now I’m going to work eleven double crochets into the ring and when i do this i also hold the end of my starting chain which i always leave very long which its probably about six inches i would say i leave that, then i lay it against the ring and i work over that strand and the ring and into the center so i’m going to work eleven double crochets into the ring and the reason i like working over that
strand is so that i can pull it tight and not have a hole in the middle on the bottom of this vase it’s not that important but on some designs, it is important two four, six,eight,ten you can push these around to make more room on the ring so i just need two more okay now, im going to join with a slip stitch to the first double crochet to form a ring so in the instructions it said that the first chain three counts as the first double crochet in the directions it will say joined to the first double crochet so you’re supposed to assume that it’s the third chain of that
beginning chain three so im just going to go in there draw a loop out and then bring that loop through the loop on my hook so that’s the end of round one now round two you chain three and that counts as your first double and then it says to double crochet in the same stitches joining so we joined right here you can see the slip stitch, so im going Right back in there with the double crochet i like using cotton yarn for these also maybe if i was doing like one for fall though it would look good with maybe like a wool yarn or even acrylic so i’m just gonna go rather fast and im doing two double crochets you see that into each one double crochet so im basically going
from twelve double crochets to twenty four this yarn likes to split im just using the worsted weight cotton here and my favorite tulip etimo hook, I love this the hooks with have at, they’re great so you see how the circle is getting
bigger and its going to match the bottom of this and basically
when i was designing it all i needed to do was match the bottom here and if i would have done one more round of double crochets it would have been out to here and it would have been too big so this is how you have to eye ball this so maybe on a smaller bottom this would have been enough like for this glass, its got a smaller bottom than this one and i think this twenty four would have been big enough but let me finish this round sometimes i get side tracked okay so there we have the twenty four but we want to make sure so its a good idea to count every round so I’ve got two, four, six, eight, ten, twelve fourteen, sixteen eighteen, twenty, twenty-two, twenty-four now it says to join with a slip stitch to the first double crochet which is the top of the chain three and then i draw up a loop and i bring that through the loop on my hook so that’s joined then it says to just do chain one and two single crochets in the same stitches joining which we join right there in the top of
the chain three so im going in there im drawing up a loop and im drawing that through too loops in my hook to make a single crochet then it says to single crochet in the next three double crochets so im going to go one, two, three and then you increase again with two. One two, three then two and then one two, three, and then two and then one two, three and then two, and then one, two, three so basically every fourth stitch i’m increasing one so that will give us an overall increase of six stitches then im going to end with three single crochets and you can tell when you come around and and your repeats dont match up then you might want to go back and look at more closely at what you did because you might have made a mistake but my repeat landed up correctly. I have three single crochets and then i have a double there i mean i increase there. So anyway im going to join with a slip stitch im going to go underneath the two loops of the single crochet, im going to yarn under bring that through and bring that through the loop on my hook and there i have now thirty single crochets so in the directions it says at this point make sure your circle will fit across the bottom of the glass. If you need it smaller omit round three, if you need it bigger add another round of single crochets stitches and increase six single crochet stitches evenly spaced so you could do that or do another round, instead of the single crochet you could have done another round of double crochets but when you do double crochets you need to increase twelve i hope i’m not getting too complicated so now it’s time for the sides and you just chain three and that counts as a double again and you double crochet in every single one around and since we’re not increasing its going to just pull up. It will cause it to start making the side so go ahead and work a double crochet all the way around and i’ll be back and show you how to start doing this little eyelet which is very easy i think the whole
thing it’s very easy but go ahead and work doubles all the way around and then come back to the video okay so after you work all the double crochets evenly around you want to count them and make sure that you have thirty for this pattern or if you changed your bottom you want to make sure that you have an even number at this point I’m going to count two, four, six, eight, ten, twelve, fourteen, sixteen, eighteen, twenty, twenty-two, twenty-four twenty-six, twenty-eight, thirty and that’s how many i’m supposed to have so at this point, i need to join with a slip stitch to the first double crochet right here and then draw that through here so that’s joined, thats the end of round four, now we’re going to do rounf five and on this one it’s the start of the
eyelet round all you do for the eyelet round is chain four and thats going to count as as a double crochet and a chain one so we have a chain four at the beginning and you’re going to skip this double crochet and double into here and thats what makes the eyelet the open space and then you chain one skip one and double the next one like this chain one skip go onto the next one so it’s the same all the way around this won’t look right if you dont skip one, it wont even turn out right either okay see how its starting to make the open spaces okay because i have thirty double crochets im going to have fifteen spaces cause im skipping every other one so when i get back to the other side i’m left with one that i need to skip ignore this cause this is where i joined so that’s not really a stitch so and then it says slip stitch it first double crochet so in the beginning of this round it said
chain four counts as first double crochet and chain one so that means that i need to slip stitch in the third chain of that beginning chain four right here and sometimes directions say it like that the repeat round that goes all the way up the side of your glass is the same thing except im going to chain four and instead of skipping a stitch im just going to skip the chain one space and go into the double like that so im just going to go all the way around, you have to make sure you chain one in between your doubles so that’s way easy this is a great beginner project so just like that and now i’m going to do im going to go up this side off camera and then i’ll come back on to do the top part but i need to show you something here when i put this on here because this is cotton yarn it stretched a lot yarn in general does stretch to my vase cover has water in it and then the flowers i think that this is actually up a
little bit too high because i didnt allow for the stretching so in hindsight i would have rather stopped without this last eyelet round and i would have went to the solid round after that so keep that in mind you don’t want to
go all the way up to the very top with your eyelet round, you want it to be maybe at least an inch down from the top to allow for the stretching thats going to happen what i want you to do is to continue on with this eyelet round and put it on your class and crochet it in rounds all the way up to within about an inch and a half of top and then i’ll come back on camera, im going to do mine the same way and ill come back on camera and show you how to do this top part and the strap I’ve got the sides worked on my glass and believe it or not im going to stop mine right here and its actually more like two and a half inches from the top because i still have this solid round of double crochet to add to it and i’d pull that off like this if i pull it like this i know that that’s basically how much it’s going to stretch im going to go ahead and stop mine right here now i’m going to show you the next round so the next round is just chain three and then double crochet in each chain one space and double crochet around so this beginning chain three counts as a double crochet in the double crochet now i need to work a double crochet ion the chain one space and then a double on the double so right here im going in the chain one space you could take your time and go in there but i just go right into the space like this and then into the doubles, so im in this space right here and then in the double so in the double i’m going underneath the top two strands so im going to go a little quick around here so i can go on to the handles and when you subscribed to our channel, every time we have a new video you will be notified we’re going to be doing at least a
couple new videos every single week and i would love to hear your comments if theres something you need help with or some kind of project you’d like to see
me or a stitch you would like to learn let me know i’ve done some videos specifically for crocheters okay now i’m ending with a double crochet int the chain one space and now im back to my beginning chain three so i just go into those two loops right there and then i yarn over draw that out and draw that through the loop on my hook so im joined and now i’ve got thirty double crochets here and the number of double crochets here should match the number of double crochets down here so how many ever you have depending on what the size of your vase is you should have the same number here as up here so now you want to chain three one, two, three and then you double crochet in the next three doubles so you want to go in here. One, too, three and this is the start of this handle right here you just chain three turn one, two, three and then you double crochet in three doubles, you dont work in this one, this first one you go in here and then you double on each one so you’re chain three turning chain counts as a double so you want to go in top of that chain three but i am going to show you this little trick that i use that i like i’m going to chain one and turn instead of chain three turn chain one in turn and work my double in the first one and ignore that beginning chain one im going to double in here like that and then double in the next three i’ve got to double at the top of that chain three so i’m going to do that again, im going to chain one instead of chain three i’m going to turn i’m going to double in my first double before we skipped it when i chain three turned double on the next two and that was the double when i turned here so instead of the chain three now i’ve go an actual double crochet stitch to go into and theres too loops so let me show you what that does alright see right here was my chain three turn and theres a little bit of a hole there but these to rows i did with the chain one turn and i double in the first double and it makes it real even on the side so you dont have that hole so that’s the way i prefer to do mine im going to go ahead and im going to do thirty rows of this and then ill come back on camera and show you how to sew it onto the other side and we’re almost done i have completed the handle of the hanger and now i’m ready to finish off. I did thirty rows and you can see how even the rows are with that chain one turn and that double crochet in the first stitch instead of the chain three turn so another little tip that i have for you is since this is so many rows it was thirty i often use one of these jumbo stitch markers which we have at maggies and ill mark, like if i count halfway to fifteen or something like that i’ll just slip this into the side of the row so i dont have to keep recounting the whole thing so anyway that really helps a lot in the directions i say to at the end of row thirty to finish off leaving a twelve inch end so what i want to do is on the last double crochet that i have here i’m just going to this is my last double crochet so i’ve just taken the two loops off the hook right here so im going to chain one and then just bring that all the way out
like this and that will lock that there high and going to threaten the end of
that naren peace and to a_t_r_ nidal and to do that and folded over the side
of the needle and attention really heard and then it will open up my pinch angers
and price the admin neil over the folded piece of yarn like this bring if you like that so that’s why i tried my needle and this new you know what side of the cold antique in better
light but it’s that nice little needle uh… becky in my heart set points that
is the um… to look at my heart that he is so anyway so first i my visa speedo but
this really pretty anyway okay so right here you wanna make sure that this days even
right here and then you’re gonna skip eleven states
is right here and c account young count the one they
came out of here you count the free democrats say so saying that one to three for five six seven eight nine ten eleven so your skipping around
us and then you get a man’s these democrats chains up with the next
four democracies setup i’m skipping up to here you could put a
marker in there but by i’m getting estar connecting the other side of the handle in this democrat scheck and in the next my handle is even and uh… a also might want to taken this scandal and instead of selling a life-and-death
kansas siemens gonna show out here and it’s been a fall this down here can i gotta go in that state right there and i’m gonna come at it from the side
pandemic going here so basically i’ve got it so i’m gonna sell it
together and this logo i mean bronstein and then on the right side
nothing else out here i am with the last-ditch i’ve skipped eleven
right here an analyst are connecting every here team i want to go through this couple of
times to secure it and nenu i’ve got back on securing the
nightmares there’s still kirsch and up with the next one and i’m just gone
through both lips here i’m going to be used to and that too i mean these two and those two and then this is a last line and going
through this and those over there like that so then i mean appalled and so that these kind
of straight now right here and amana flip it over to the other side
had seen you don’t see anything on the other side so then i’m gonna go over this a couple
of times and i might even want to go into the
other states a little bit see where this stitches coming out of the previous
states i’m gonna go great through ’cause cumple p american and so it seems like a will secure place to go in the other thing i could do is when i got three l apparatus around
set twelve locks in a little bit man i’m gonna do manifested their about three or four
times so that’s enough there now a need to get rid of the sandy
salmon and go on the wrong side of that last democrat show you around it again in just a wee mismatched in on the back side so i just came out here when they go behind that just a little
bit and then back at about half and when i try to go through that they can
start at the democrats james and then they go behind that and then back out again these and he laid out come out that the
bad part is is that when you need them to come out and you make a mistake i can’t find my hands to get now and then at cut this and get him to
do that on l_a_ messes there’s flat and tire went flat setup etc and tonight stitches so now i have renew are opening this is a great if you have a garden because i work on these up for my
daughter i was going to visit her and i fell one make your own little
planners so i can take uh… might cut flowers to her so i made one for her and brighter so i think that’s how you make the uh…
cute little apartment last panel uh… flower vase so like that so then you put your beautiful flowers
and then again it’s a great gift for somebody aren’t just for yourself like cut some flowers in here i cut flowers as much as i possibly can
allow without my garden cutting flowers are bringing an end to
my home laura hopkins silo being surrounded by
flowers it’s nice so anyway this is a great great began
friday and that’s what they saw me use is available at maggie’s crochet dot com
in the states crackers a link to the pattern will be below make
sure you subscribe to the channel because every coming up all neat videos like this you’ll be not a fountain and do
something fun to look forward to hearing your kirsch adventures thank you very much for watching

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