22 thoughts on “Crochet Floral Granny Blanket

  1. Wow! I think this is definitely going to be my next project. Will be a wedding gift. I've learned so much from your videos. I'm basically a new crocheter and mostly self taught using your awesome videos.

  2. This is a wonderful pattern. I imagine doing all the flowers in different colors- used as a bedspread under different solid color sheets gives the room different looks.

  3. ご免なさい此の動画 分からない 日本語でしゃべって?欲しい

  4. This is the first negative experience that I have had with a Mikey tutorial. He went so fast and left so much up to us to finish on our own. I am never going to finish this project. I am just too frustrated. I think this tutorial could have been done in 2 parts with each part being in more detail and demonstration.

  5. For anyone making this afghan, I messaged Yarnspirations asking why two of the motifs had chain-2 corners and the other two had chain-4 corners which, of course, wouldn't match up for joining. The chain-2 corners were in error. Here is their response:

    Yarnspirations Team 21 hours ago

    Hi. The corners for the CARON FLORAL GRANNY CROCHET AFGHAN should all read (2 dc. Ch 4. 2 dc) , sorry for this inconvenience

  6. This tutorial has been wonderful. I finally got the answer to how do you join all these squares in different colors so the join is invisible. Loved the technique shown and the result. I personally like the pattern’s picot edging better as it spreads out and is more pronounced. But your alternative picot was very good too. I will use that in other projects for sure. Thank you for this video!

  7. Thanks Mikey for that picot stitch alternative… it seems faster and the picots end up a touch stiffer which makes them stand up better! Thank you!

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