100 thoughts on “Creating The Never-Ending Bloom

  1. Check out 'Dynamic Symmetry by Jay Hambridge, It Has ALL the Spiralling Mathmatics. I Have Had SPIRALITIS since 1974' when i found his book in th TAOS N.M. Written in 1924- I'm in Socorro, N.M. as King Georgie, 737 Hwy 60 for more info, it will blow you away, mush luv, G.

  2. I know where I came from and I know where am going. How? Faith in Jesus Christ. ANYONE can see creation the mathematics and design in creation….so all are with out excuse .

  3. Where was this guy when I was growing up. All the ivy league universities seemingly have that one professor who evokes wonder…can't we just combine them all into one university and make that university affordable?

  4. Special shout out to those who appreciates this man's work and doesn't give a damn about the anime the others are talking about 😁

  5. The World calls the person who copies Nature or explains Nature a GENIUS & calls the Nature a mere coincidence & evolution.

  6. I know exactly where I come from and I know exactly where I an going. I am so sorry that you do not know. In grade 8 I realised I do not want to live if I do not know where I am going so I spent 7 years reading to understand where I am going. After 7 years I knew that Christ was the answer. That saved my life and gave me purpose. Ask Him? He will answer you like He answered me. He gave His life for you. Why would He not answer you.

  7. Hello john edmark. That is amaizing. Do you except equation 1/2 x 1/2. As a logical and true and consistent with all math.
    My mother was a word genius and scrabble champion and told me the she never excepted this a real. Multiplying divisions does seem a bit picular.

  8. Ya God has designed thangs very. Very well. An if you think that all of this was made possible by a random Big bang and there is no God. I feel very sorry for you. I Pray you ALLOW God into your life .so you can see just how real His love for you is! God Bless

  9. This rivals some of the kinetic sculptors I've seen on youtube, but I can't help but imagine as your form was rotating on a circular path that I kinda imagined a arm or rod hydraulic pushing it from the bottom upwards as it rotated in a circular orbit thus giving more motion to it. I bet if you combined kinetic wind energy….it would be AMAZING

  10. … 137 the fine dust number – and Birthday of Erno rubic the Cube 13.07. – all is flowing an colouring from Chaos to harmony – the age of universe ist ca. 13.7 Mrd years – always the same.

  11. I was always attracted to spiral patterns, but terrible with math, so thank you for this video, where I can follow it through your creations. ♥️

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