COLOURED RAINE CHERRY BLOSSOM | Red Lipstick Makeup Tutorial

Hey guys it’s Fumnanya. I’ve finally gotten
around to editing this look. I know a bunch of you really liked it so I wanted to come
on and show you how to get this makeup look with the perfect red lips for dark skin. So
I’m putting my foundation on. Since we’re doing a bold lip I want the skin to be as
flawless as possible so I’m using a little more foundation stand normal and just pat
it into the skin. I’m taking some brow powder, I’m using chocolate. I’m using the darker
half on the tail end of the brow and then taking that lighter half on the beginning
of the brow. This gradient makes the brows look a lot more natural and then I just blend
it all in with my spoolie. I’m taking concealer I like using a shade that’s like my skin color
so I don’t get that weird halo effect and then I just blend it all out. This helps the
brows look sharp and defined. Then I’m going to go in with a brow gel. This is going to
keep the brow hairs in place. I’m going to set my lid and that brow area with powder
and this is going to help everything blend. I’m taking this color in the transition. I
didn’t really like it, it came out differently than I expected so I’m going to take this
skin tone color and just blend it out sort of erase it. This is how we erase makeup.
I’m just blending it out and then I’m going to take this shade right here in the crease.
It’s kind of a warm color. I was kind of experimenting to see how I could get rid of that round that
I didn’t like. Now I’m taking this reddish brown into the
crease. This is going to give that warm transition shade that I was kind of going for. Then taking
that skin tone color again I’m going to blend out the harsh lines above where I placed that
color. This is the shade that’s going to go all over the lid, gorgeous color. It’s just
a shiny lid color, it’s a little darker than my skin tone. But it’s going to go really
really nicely with the red lip and it’s super flattering. I’m going to take this deep brown
it’s kind of like a chocolate fudge color and I’m taking that into the crease to add
more dimension and also deepen that area. I’m also taking it in the outer corner of
the eye again for dimension and then go right back in with that skin tone brown and blend
out any harsh lines. Go back with that reddish brown and go over that outer corner and also
in the crease. This look has a lot of back-and-forth. I’m building up intensity on the lid where
I may have lost it and I’m also taking that color above my crease. I have a hooded lids
so this will just prevent transfer. Then I’m going to take that fudge brown again and I’m
going to blend it in the outer corner and in the crease. Like I said a lot of back-and-forth
for this look. So take the reddish brown and go over it again. I just felt like it wasn’t
looking right so I kept going back and forth and at the end I was very happy with it and
so are you guys. Patience is a virtue with makeup you want to just keep going till you
get the perfect look. I’m taking this deep brown color and I’m placing
that in the outer corner and in the crease. This is really going to add a nice smokiness
to the look but it’s not going to be too dramatic because we are doing a bold lip so you want
to keep it in that sweet spot. I’m blending the fudge color and the reddish brown and
we’re taking that in the crease, a little bit above the crease actually or in the transition
area. We’re just blending. This is what we have so far. I looked at it and I decided
I took the color a little too high, so I’m baking under my brow. This helps me again
sort of erase when I feel like I’ve taken the shadows too high. Then I’m blending it
out this is going to help the brow bone be more prominent and again just kind of erase
any excess shadow. Building intensity again on the lid where I may have lost it. Just
go back just back and forth back and forth. We’re blending that dark brown again. I really
wanted it to be very smoky so we’re doing that again. Then we’re buffing it out. This
got kind of annoying, I’m not going to lie but we’re finally done. I’m going to highlight
my face. This concealer is by Kat Von D, really nice concealer and just blend it out. Again
I did a little extra with the base because we are using a bold lip so I used more concealer,
more foundation more everything. Just doing the typical highlight areas.
Then I’m going to take this it’s like a radiance concealer pen, I’m adding that under the eye
like I said we’re doing a little extra so I just wanted a little more glow. Again we’re
baking that brow bone. I felt like I needed to do a little bit more there. Now I’m just
using my translucent powder on my face. I decided not to bake today, though I’m going
to bake under my cheekbones and the sides of my nose. I’m using gel liner on the waterline
it just lasts so much longer so I’ve been doing that recently. Then I’m going to tight
line with my L’Oreal liner pencil. I like to bake where the wing is just to kind of
sharpen that edge. Then I’m going to do a baby wing with a liquid liner, it’s going
to be so small you’ll barely notice it but it’s going to give nice shape to the eye.
Now back with that fudge color I’m going to smoke out the lower lash line. I’m taking
it in ¾ of the way, not all the way into the tear duct. Then I’m going to take that
deep deep brown and go over it. Taking the colors in order from lightest to darkest will
help everything look more seamless so now we’re going in with that black. And we’re
just pressing it in the very outer corner of the eye. I’m applying mascara before I
apply my falsies. You want to get your bottom lashes, I just love the way the bottom lashes
look. Then sweep away that bake. This brush is perfect for this, love it.
For lashes I’m using my Koko lashes, they’re one of my favorites actually. They’re super
flattering but not too dramatic especially for hooded lids. So they’re perfect and I’m
just going to blend my band in. It has a thicker band so you may have to go over your liner
a little bit, that’s what I’m doing here. Now I’m contouring. I just keep coming back
to this black radiance contour powder. I love it super natural, very flattering. Then I’m
going to use Sun Power kind of a blush but also to blend that contour out and help it
look more seamless, more like a bronzer maybe because I’m going to use blush. I put my blush
on my cheekbone instead of the apple of my cheek and this will help slenderize the face.
I just blend that out so it looks more natural. I like to pat some powder around my lip when
I’m using a red lip. Again for a more flawless base. Now we’re just going to go in with the
superstar of this look which is the cherry blossom by colored raine. I love this lip
color, no liner required just a perfect red for dark skin. I’m using Inc lot sparkling
dust for my highlighter. I wanted some extra glow so I’m going in with oh darling.
Here’s the finished look. I hope you guys do enjoy. Don’t forget to like this video
and subscribe for more videos like it. If you are subscribed already definitely click
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I love you and I’ll see you in my next video. Bye

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