Collecting pollen【Bee World】/Report from Spain/花粉荷の集め方知ってる?

Guadalupe, a region in the west of Spain
This area is known for beekeeping They have been keeping bees for over 600 years at the world heritage convent from beeswax and honey harvesting this is a natural
reserve spreading all around the town when spring comes Cistus flowers bloom
all over this is the perfect environment for beekeeping today we’ll introduce the
world of Cistus bee pollen here we are with Mr. Pulasa. he has
been beekeeping with over 2000 beehives at Guadalupe village where the bees
headed? Of Course, the cistus flower! they get a little honey from
Cistus but can get a lot of pollen Wow, she ie covered in Pollen!! honey bees
bring pollen to their hive they formpollen into a ball using their feet this special tool a pollen extractor is
installed at the hive entrance to pick fallen off these bodies when bees go
through the hole pollen is picked off that’s amazing cistus flowers only
bloom for about a month but bees can pick up to two tons of pollen during that time the Pulasa family eats pollen every morning put honey and pollen on
yogurt and mix it’s delicious hmm tasty Are you eating it on its own? What does it taste like? So sweet!! I always mix it with milk There are many ways
to enjoy pollen in this family pollen from cistus is rich in nutrients.
Plus it has a great deal of vitamins everyone keeps their health as they eat this
pollen every day pollen from lovely flowers honey bees bring health sources to us

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