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100 thoughts on “Christopher Eccleston’s First Scene | “I’m The Doctor By The Way” | Rose | Doctor Who | BBC

  1. "I'm gonna go up there, and blow it up! And I might well die in the process, but don't worry about me, no." XD

  2. The only thing I could think while she walked away with that mannequin piece was that “she’s armed and extremely dangerous”

  3. "Who's Wilson?"
    "The chief electrician"
    "Wlilson's dead" with a set face.
    I mean, the sass. Love nine so much.

  4. 2:58
    The Doctor: I'm The Doctor By The Way What's Your Name!
    Rose: Rose!
    The Doctor: Nice To Meet You Rose Run For Your Life

  5. Shame they fired him to bring in David Tennant I have nothing against Tennant but Eccleston deserved more then 1 season

  6. He acts all "go away, get out of here, you're just a witness, no one important" and then he bothers to tell her "I'm the Doctor, by the way". Clearly he's getting lonely already.

  7. I love everything, every doctor-player since Mr.Moffat did it create, I could never say one is better than the other one, ok, you got your favourite one day, but all are the sweetest, that´s a fact, thanx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. All these people saying they were little kids when this aired on TV… in 2005. I'm surrounded by babies. I mean, they like Doctor Who, so they're GOOD babies, but still… babies.

  9. I'm British, naturally.. My girlfriend is from California and today we started watching Doctor Who, starting with Eccleston. Of course I've seen them all like 5 times over now, but her response was "That was.. Wow… We have to watch this every day!"

  10. Steep in Mystery "adventurous" episodes DOCTOR WHO is forever Epic/Classic and "all" the Doctors are unique in their own right.

  11. Man, I wish he could have stayed longer (with better working conditions)… he was a great doctor, in my opinion; one of my favs, honestly!

  12. I was 1 when this came out so I can't say I've had a long connection, but when I was 4 I remember my brother watching this show and I always got so scared.

    I started watching it myself when I was 11 and I'm 15 now

    Best show on the entire planet

    How am I still afraid of weeping angels?

    Omg back in august it was my birthday and I had a sleepover with some people. I knocked out after a while and the only other person up just also happened to be a doctor who fan and guess what she did? I woke up that morning to find 3 black tallies on my arm and a sharpie in my hand
    I'm not kidding, she took a video of me freaking out until I realized silence isn't real

  13. This is probably the best Pilot I've ever seen for anything.

    1) It gave us a character New fans can relate to, as it is someone who didn't know the Doctor. But…

    2) It gave us a Classic enemy without too much lore baggage, bringing in the old fans like myself.

  14. Went from Playing Major Henry West in the Zombie/Infected movie 28 Days Later (2002) to Doctor Who.

  15. a shame Eccleston never really had an epic theme like how 11 had "Iam the Doctor" and 10 had "All those Strange Strange Creatures/YANA"

  16. You know..this would've been a bit more ironic, if this was at the same store the original Autons broke out from from Spearhead from Space

  17. This was my first episode of Doctor who. My sister's ex husband told me I needed to watch the show. We still talk about doctor who.

  18. This was my introduction to Doctor Who. It's not that well known over here in Germany but I wanted to give it a chance. Than I saw the moving mannequins and thought: "This is gonna be weird." Boy, was I right. Weird but amazing!

  19. You know… When I saw images of Eccleston as the Doctor, I thought “Is that seriously the Doctor? He can’t be the Doctor!” Then I watched this episode, and before you know it, I was saying “Yeah, that’s the Doctor.”

  20. I love how she's walking down the street, trying to remain inconspicuous, while HOLDING AN ARM. There's no non-awkward way to do that.

  21. Fun fact: Christopher Eccleston suffered anorexia during the filming of season 1. He also almost took his own life ages ago due to his dementia.

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