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– Welcome back. Well a Christian flower shop
owner in Washington State has made bouquets for
hundreds of weddings, but has only ever turned down one, and it could cost her everything. After declining to make
floral arrangements for a same-sex wedding, she is appealing her
case to the Supreme Court for a second time, fighting for her religious freedom, and for the future of her business. Joining us now, owner of Arlene’s Flowers, Barronelle Stutzman, along with her attorney, Kristen Waggoner. Thank you both for
being here this morning. – Thank you. – So, I’ve read about your
story, and in this case, it was actually a personal friend that came to you for a floral arrangement for a same-sex wedding. You politely said, that’s
just not in keeping, you can go to another flower
place, I still love you. Yet this has been challenged all the way to the Supreme Court, sent back to Washington State. But for you, it’s all about your faith and religious liberty. – Yes sir. – And so, why are you willing to take this all the way to the Supreme Court? – Well, I serve everyone
in all walks of life, and I have the privilege of serving Rob, long-time customer for almost 10 years, for birthdays, and anniversaries, custom making arrangements for him. But when he came in to talk
to me about his wedding, I just simply put my hands on his, and told him I could not do it, because my relationship with Jesus Christ. He said he understood, we
talked about how he got engaged, we talked about his mom
walkin’ him down the aisle. I suggested other florists,
we hugged each other, and Rob left. Without any complaint from Rob or Curt, the attorney general from
the state of Washington sued me personally and corporately, simply because I have a
different viewpoint on marriage. – So, one could argue, you reflected the definition of tolerance. Which is, hey, we don’t agree, but I love you, and
you’ve got other options, and I support that. Yet the state has come down. Now, the state was overturned
by the Supreme Court, but the state’s coming back at you again. – Correct. – Kristen, as the attorney in this, where does the law stand? – Well in Masterpiece Cakeshop, the U.S. Supreme Court said that the government
can’t express hostility towards people of faith. We now need it to weigh in
on the broader principle to say it can’t force
creative professionals to create art, or to have to participate
in religious ceremonies. We have clients right now
that are facing jail time. Jack Phillips is in his
third round of litigation, and Barronelle is basically
faced with losing all she owns, unless the Supreme Court
weighs in in this case. – Wow. So Barronelle, you wrote
an op-ed at The title is “Your Religious
Liberty is in Danger if I Lose Mine in a Same-Sex
Wedding Court Case.” Why is everyone else’s religious liberty at issue here as well? – Whether you’re religious or not, or whether your stand on marriage, if I lose my freedom, you lose yours. It’s not just me, it’s Rob and Curt, it’s everybody that has any conscience to live according to their conscience. – I mean, that was sort
of the point, right, Kristen, of our American experiment, religious expression, and freedom? And in this case, the state is coercing individual, private businesses
into a particular position. – Yes, I mean, a win for
Barronelle’s a win for everyone. If you think about it, it
protects an Atheist musician from having to perform
in an Easter service, or a Democrat speech writer from having to write for a Republican. It’s about tolerance
being a two-way street. – Tolerance being a two-way street. Barronelle, are you confident
you’ll win this case? – We’re hoping the Supreme Court will see how important this is. And if Rob came into my shop tomorrow, I would hug him, catch up on his life, and wait on him for another 10 years. – [Pete] Well said. Well, thank you both so much
for joining us this morning, and raising this issue
to the national level. ‘Cause folks sometimes don’t realize the small ways in which your
liberty is infringed upon. You know about it in a big way. Thank you both so much.
– Thank you. – Thank you.
– Have a great Sunday.

8 thoughts on “Christian Florist Appeals to Supreme Court | Fox & Friends

  1. Think I’m going to commission a painting of Trump building the wall. Thinking I will demand a gay mexican artist paint it. Then im going to go to a fundamental Muslim baker and demand they bake me a “Jesus is the only real God” cake. Then im going to a trans baker and demand they bake me a “men cant be women cake”. I wouldn’t actually do that because it would be hateful and wrong.

  2. She will create flower arrangements for gay people for any and every occasion except a religious ceremony that goes against her religious beliefs. I expect a artist to sell me the creations they offer to everyone else but I would NEVER force them to create a product that they are fundamentally opposed to. ITS BULLYING AND ITS JUST MEAN.

  3. It's really not "religious" liberty that's at stake…it's CHRISTIAN liberty that's being demonized and stamped out. Satan HATES the Name of Jesus.

  4. First the Masterpiece Cake-shop, then the Brush and Nib, now another case to the SUPREME court on freedom of speech and religion.

  5. I'm sorry she got targeted by this, but persecution is nothing new if you read your bible. Secondly, however, this is judgement beginning in the house–and Christians refuse to see it. Christians threw away the Sabbath, and some even make most of their money on that day every single week. In these shortened times, this is a wake-up call to all of those persons–that you're offending the Most High and he's using your enemies–even as the Israelites had to "learn war" as they had become lax in their dealings with outsiders, letting those beliefs and systems infiltrate their own society (Judges 3:1-4).

  6. I think if your religion forces you to discriminate in your business, you should sit down and have a talk with your lord about your beliefs.

  7. Making a flower arrangement does not involve her in their wedding in any way.
    She does not have to approve or attend the wedding.

    She is violating the liberty of her costumers.

    The very first thing she says is a blatant lie, obviously you don’t serve all people from all walks of life.

    This case will take away what little liberty and basic human rights we have.
    Conservatives have proven how much they hate the concept of Liberty.

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