Chilliwack Tulip Festival | TulipVenture // Nat and Max

welcome back to the vlog! another
adventure another Tulip adventure. Last vlog
we went to the Abbotsford festival right now we’re gonna go to the Chilliwack
festival we heard that this branch is bigger branch this field we heard that
this field is much bigger than the last one so the prices for the Chilliwack
tulip festival is much cheaper than the Abbotsford one. Abbotsford is around $35 thats including taxes But Chilliwack is only about $24 for both of us so let’s go and
check it out Just like the Abbotsford Tulip Festival they also have food trucks. Here they have much more varieties. so just by looking at it. it seems to be
two or three times bigger than the ones in Abbotsford right? we’re still
walking in the field of yellow you have Yea. and its not that muddy yea its pretty dry its so far We’re still walking on the field of yellow flowers two options
it’s either you can take the walk down to the field or you can ride a tractor but you gotta wait in line for it.Theres a long line up So one thing we’ve noticed is Chilliwack are far shorter than the one
in Abbotsford right Yea they’re a lot shorter So if you want taller tulips, go to Abbotsford. But a bigger field here in Chilliwack And everything is in bloom! So I’m a little confused we said
earlier that the tulips here are much shorter but there’s a full area the
tulips are taller We’re too tired to walk back so we’re going to try and ride the tractor alright guys that was our trip to the
two most popular tulip festival here in BC. If you want to avoid the crowd be sure to come off peak hours. So at the beginning of the day or during sunset You can also try and check it out during weekdays. So its less crowded Make sure to check the weather and wear the proper shoes so if you liked this video
make sure to let us know put your comments down below and like and subscribe!

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  1. Thanks for the share ❤️🥰 it’s very informative and I love the view and beautiful flowers 🌷 🌹 🌷 💐

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