Chiffon Fabric Flower + Tulle Flower DIY

Hello, this is Risa from Anjurisa Welcome to my channel! In this video, I’m going to show you how to make this beautiful and pretty flower If this is your first time to my channel, please hit the SUBSCRIBE button It motivates me to keep making videos I use chiffon and tulle fabric for this flower Use matching chiffon and tulle fabric like this I think it’s more beautiful if we use matching fabric But in this tutorial, I will use contrasting colors to make it easier to see Prepare your chiffon and tulle fabric To make this flower, I use soldering iron to cut flower shape fabric like this If you haven’t watched my tutorial about cutting fabric with soldering iron, please see the description below I even show how to make our own templates Now, I will give you a quick view about how I cut this fabric with soldering iron I use this 8 petals flower for chiffon fabric and this 5 petals flower for tulle fabric We heat up the soldering iron and start cutting with our template like this I search all my templates from Google You can search these templates with the keyword: “5 petals flower template and 8 petals flower template” You can see the perfect shape here Now let’s cut the tulle fabric Be extra careful because it’s really hot When you cut, not too slow and not too fast You can see the perfect shape here Make 10 pieces for this chiffon flower and 9 pieces for this tulle flower To arrange the flower, take both fabric lay on top of each other Add a dab of glue to hold them in place Take the second piece, put this on top of the first piece like this Take the third piece, put this on top of second piece Take the last one, put this on top of the third piece Now take the first piece, and put this on top of the last piece We make two pieces of this and now that you know the arrangement, I will do this in fast motion Now we attach these two pieces together For the center, take these two pieces and put the tulle fabric in the middle Add a dab of glue and use tweezers to twist this real tight We put this right at the center of our flower Attach this and pinch the back side of our flower Our pretty flower is done Thanks for watching! If you liked this tutorial, please like, comment, share, and SUBSCRIBE!

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