52 thoughts on “Cherry Blossoms in Shinjuku Gyoen Park 2016 (Solo Bento Picnic)

  1. Watching your videos everyday makes me so much happy. I admit tho, the smile always is there in my face just to watch every of your videos. Love you guys so much <3 Enjoy the sakura season :3

  2. At 4:50 I really loved the expression and the sound that you made when you were eating your dessert. You always make me smile and laugh, besides you are so handsome always such a pleasure to watch.

  3. Technically, you weren't alone we were all with you in spirit. For the record I picked the exact chips and dessert you did. Yay!! Sakura season is so beautiful, glad to see it all again. Awesomeness!!😸👏

  4. Hi guys. We don't usually post videos on Mondays but I thought you why not! Hope you enjoy this solo picnic with me at one of my go-to parks in the city.

  5. Shinjuku Gyoen Park is so pretty with all of the sakura! How nice that they have a park that is alcohol-free, too, for people who want that option! I would think that would be very nice for families with children who want to go view the cherry blossoms, and for others, too. The food looked delicious. I wish 7-11 had those food options here. It all looked great, from the saba to the dango! Thanks for the extra video. It was a lovely surprise. 🙂

  6. It's a shame i will miss sakura and autumm leaves seasons. I'll be there for two weeks from third week of september. But there is much to see in japan in every season. So i'm appreciate this beautiful sakura videos. I'll catch them one day iknow :')

  7. 綺麗!Such beautiful cherry blossoms! By the way, what's the song at the end? Could you tell me please? I really like it!! (*^^*)

  8. Seeing the sakura in bloom was a real treat, thank you. Could I ask you what video camera you use? It really does a nice job.

  9. 🙂 very pretty indeed! It would be nice to see how these flowers and leaves are preserved for use during the year in bento as here in Ontario Canada I have not seen them sold at any of the Japanese food stores.

  10. いつか暖かい春の日日本に行って美しい桜を見物したいです。 私が住んでいるここは八重桜が無くて残念です。 やっぱり日本のコンビニ弁当はぜっぴんです。

  11. Thanks i really love reviews you explain everything and so beautiful cherry blossoms again.

  12. Sinichi, I like your new mustache! Soon people will think you're my brother by a different mother! 😉 The park is gorgeous! You couldn't ask for a better lunch than this! Mmm! Thanks for taking us alone my friend!

  13. When was this? Almost look like the same day I visited there :O Although most days during sakura season felt a bit gray in Tokyo this year :/

  14. whoa, this time you went solo…must be really complicated to shoot, narrate, eat all at the same time! you're really multitasking!

  15. Love Shinjuku at night with all the main rd lights love it!!!!! I was thinking u re grabbing the iitoen green tea!!!! 😄

  16. I hope the next five years to present my grandson to my kinsfolk in Japan. On spring time. Nice video guys

  17. I really like the music you put into your videos, do you know where can I find them? They are so good!

  18. Ah, the fallen cherry blossom petals are gorgeous – a perfect expression of mono no aware. Thanks for taking us along on your hanami. I also enjoyed your cameo on Jenny Silver's channel. I'll have to give Magnolia Bakery another try.

    BTW, the saba and the mitarashi dango looked so delicious!

  19. +Sakura Spring that would have been so much fun taking Justin along. But alas this park allows no pets. the bento was really good. These days I am surprised at how good convenience store bentos are these days.I've been missing out!

  20. Hi… I love watching your videos and look forward to each installation – but lately I've noticed that your opening music is much louder than the rest of the video – it can be quite jarring especially to your viewers who use headphones. Sometimes the music used in the video itself is also disproportionately louder… Other than that I really enjoy your videos (especially the ones with your mom or sister).

  21. It's one my bucket list dreams to do hanabi! cries I LOVED the shots of the flowers you took! I want to roll around in the clouds of sakura flowers!….But if I do that I might get thrown out, right? 😉

  22. 桜~♪ いいっすね~ 弁当も旨そうだし、団子もいい!! 俺も団子は「みたらし」派なんです('◇')ゞ

  23. Nice!  That konbini footage is right up my alley.  And wow, I never knew there was a hanami place that did not allow alcohol. That must be why Satoshi didn't join you this time… 😉

  24. Very beautiful cherry blossoms and views! The food you ate is funny to look at. So different from European food.

  25. In November, when I visited Japan I was in this park looking at the autumn colours! There was an amazing chrysanthemum festival too! Now I know I HAVE to come back for the Sakura!!! 🙂 (I did see a fragile but beautiful winter flowering cherry when I was there)

  26. お花見遠足 楽しそうです♪ヽ(●´∀`●)ノ

  27. Hello! I will be heading to Tokyo on 17 May! Will there still be sakura around Tokyo? When was this video filmed?

  28. The cherry blossoms are soooo beautiful!!!
    Hahaha so funny when you ate the dessert! It made me laugh!! It's always so awesome to see your faces when you guys taste food, you can tell that you are really enjoying the foods!
    6:12 is such an amaaaaazing view!!!! Really enjoyed your video again!! Thanks for bringing us to the park!

  29. I am pretty jealous of you, man. 7-11 bento picnic surrounded by cherry blossoms looks soooo much fun.

  30. Hi Shinichi! My wife and I were in Tokyo during the cherry blossoms and this brings back really good memories. We recently started our own channel after being inspired by your videos and other channels based in Japan. We LOVE your videos. We filmed in Shinjuku Gyoen around the same time as you but luckily a sunnier day! Appreciate any views!

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