Cherry blossoms from above // Yamagata, Japan

Who’s got the cables? We need to cross there. You go. You go! No! I’m following you! Go, Dad, go! Just, just- just all the way. Go, go, go! Go, go, go, go, go! My goodness. What kind of cake did you get, mum? I have no idea. It looks pretty! Of the fractional chocolate? It’s a great maths lesson. I loved it. Alright. So, whoa! I’m going with my family at the moment, with my mum and dad. They’re here for the next week or so. And we’re heading to Yamagata because- Wow, there’s snow outside! Um… Because they wanted to see some cherry blossoms,
and they’ve already finished in Tokyo. So we’re heading up north because apparently
they’re still in peak season, apparently? Something like that. I’ve never been up here. I’ve never… The furthest up I’ve been, I went to Hokkaido, but I flew there so I’ve never caught the train through this area. But it’s really beautiful. It’s, like, all the way up through the mountains,
and, yeah, I’ll just show you instead. The snow! Snow on the ground, it’s gonna be cold today. Look. There’s a toilet on the train. The fanciest coffee I’ve ever seen in Japan. Cherry blossoms! Da, da, daah! Three beds? Well, there’s three of us. Ah, beautiful! So mum and dad came here from Australia specifically to see the cherry blossoms! I mean, to see me as well, I guess.
– Yeah, well… Um, but…
– Suppose so. They’ve already finished in Tokyo, unfortunately. The cherry blossoms were about two weeks early this year. So they’re really hard to- It’s always hard to plan a trip around cherry blossoms in Japan, but luckily, um, if you head up north from Tokyo… North anywhere in Japan, basically,
they’ll bloom later in the year. So that’s why we’re here, and they look beautiful! Yay! Here to see cherry blossoms again.
– Yeah. So the park that we’ve come to is called
Kajo Koen, so Kajo Park. And… Ah, it’s really beautiful. It’s really nice to
see the cherry blossoms again. The flowers only stick around for about a week, so it’s really, like, a fleeting season, you have
to take advantage of it when you can. I’m just really happy that my parents are actually
able to come and see it because… My mum really, really loves flowers. And I know that this has been on her bucket list for such a long time, so I’m really glad that she could
actually come and see it. Is it as good as you thought it was gonna be? It is, actually, it is. I was a bit worried I’d be disappointed ’cause you can get too excited about things. But this is spectacular. Mum’s first mochi! Ah!
– It’s my favorite mochi. Uh-oh!
– Just take the first one. Hm!
– You like it? Yeah, success! So Dad and I found a park that is not in the no-fly zone on the DJI fly safe website. There is nobody else around. There’s no big, tall buildings. There’s not, I don’t know, what else isn’t allowed… I don’t know! I think this is about as safe a spot as we could possibly get in Japan so we’re both very excited. Because I can finally fly my drone in Japan, yeah! Dad’s a little more hardcore than me. It’s day 2 in Yamagata. But we’ve stumbled upon a prefectural, former prefectural office or something like that, and it’s really beautiful here. Um, mum just stepped in the Zen garden, so… Don’t tell everyone!
– Ahahaha! So she’ll have bad luck for a while, I reckon. Um… ahahaha! Yeah, this place is really beautiful. We’re on the lookout for some more cherry blossoms today. We’ll be finding them in a little bit. We just left Yamagata station and now we’re in… Akayu, and it feels like, we’re, like, really, really countryside, like, look at the ticketgate. This ticket gate’s… it’s like a… cottage made from wood. It’s really cool. I haven’t been to this area before, ever. So… here we go! Well, this is a bit more like it. Unfortunately there was no coin locker, so we have to carry our suitcase all the way up there. This is not gonna be fun. In Japan there’s a very traditional drink,
and I think lots people usually drink it around, like, cherry blossom
season and it’s called “umeshu”. Which is this one. It’s a plum wine, basically like a Japanese sour plum, and it’s so good, so delicious, but it’s also very, very sweet so usually people cut it with like soda, or… Some other, like water even. It’s kind of hard to drink it from here, and they’re usually not refrigerated. So, what I learnt from a Japanese friend, you get these. They sell these at most convenience stores. It’s just a cup of ice. It’s actually a cup of ice so that you can
get iced coffee and put that in it. But you don’t have to actually put the coffee
in it so you can just buy the cup of ice. Buy your little glass of plum wine. And voilà: You have umeshu on the rocks! And that’s the actual plum on top, there. And it’s actually really good, you can drink it afterwards. Well, you can drink it, you can eat it afterwards. Wohoo! Okay, I’ll try it once.
– Yeah. That’s nice.
– It’s good? Very nice plum wine.
– Yeah! Definitely taste the plums. Yeah, succcess! Very sweet though, right? Very sweet.
– Yeah. So we’ve noticed that in this part of town
we’re looked at a bit differently, I guess? Here I feel like there’s not that many… Caucasians, to be PC. People are more interested in
having conversations here. Like, I had a great conversation with a little
lady before about her dogs and, just, that conversation is something that I never… Never, or hardly ever get the chance to get in Tokyo. The point is, there’s not that many foreigners
here. Definitely not that many. It’s really nice, though, it’s really quiet. It’s very peaceful. Apart from our rolling suitcases. If there’s one way-
– No drones anywhere. No drones anywhere including ours are not in the air. So that’s good.
– We walked up this hill to fly our drones. And it was too quiet.
– Yeah. Too many people, so… We were, like, let’s be qu-
– Really, we’d spoil the atmosphere. Let’s be a bit sensitive, shall we?
– Yeah. But it’s really very, very beautiful area. Come and check it out. It’s called Eboshiyama park. Eboshiyama kouen. Um… Apparently it’s one of the top 100 places
in Japan to see cherry blossoms. Really?
– They have over a thousand trees, but… Well, I did not know that. So now we’re gonna head back to Tokyo, and the
whole trip back is gonna be a little bit boring so I’ll see you there. And just like that I’m back in Tokyo. Although my parents have already left. It’s
been, like, like a week since they left. I’m just really behind in videos. I’ll put my camera down. Okay. I had a lot of fun making this video. Honestly, I’m just so obsessed with cherry blossom season, so this video was no problem to edit. It’s- it’s really special to me to have
my parents there as well. So I hope that you enjoyed the video as well, sorry it ended up being a little bit longer than expected. A huge shout out to the suitcase company Chapel
that sent me their suitcase for free. I’m not gonna pay for it, but it’s free so
that should be a hashtag in itself. It’s lightweight, has a Bluetooth tracker,
anti-theft, it’s really a great suitcase. I literally, like, logged it all the way around Yamagata and, like, on bumpy rocks and everything like that. I can appreciate a good thing when I see it and that is a good thing so go and check out the link in the description down below. Also they’ve got these, like, really cool letter stickers that you can stick on the front so I really like that feature. Apart from that I just want to say a big thank you
to so many people that have subscribed. Just hit 30,000 which is another milestone. I do get a lot of hate comments, which is unfortunate. But it’s kind of fun to, like, pay them
out on my Instagram stories. But I also get a lot of positive feedback and
support, and I can’t thank you enough. I really, really mean it. It just means so much that people continue to watch my videos and consume my content. So thank you so much for watching. If you made it this far through the video, give yourself a round of applause. Let’s not make it any longer than it needs to be. Thank you so much for watching. Like it if you like it, subscribe if you want to
see more, and I’ll see you next time Bye

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