Cherry Blossoms Dyeing // 桜染

There are already a lot of people here. The Ōhara Riverside Cafe Kirin. Ikkyu. he is really lively today. usually he is asleep. He wants to play. He’s strong. You try it. He’s really strong! He’s so strong. The t-shirt is damp. From his mouth? Yeah. His legs are off the ground. He’s so cute. Onigiri Lunch! Buffet style. This is the lunch. Onigiri. We went too far, I’m backing up. It’s near by the restaurant. Yes, really close. We could have walked from Kirin. Yes, you can walk here. No one is here. Hello, konnichiwa. We called and said we were coming today. Yes, please come in. What is her name? “Sara” Sara-chan! Is this linen? Do you want to dye all of this Cherry pink? Yes all three items. What’s this? It’s huge. Needs lots of dyeing liquid. oh dear Oh I thought it was just scarves. No, no, no…. Oh dear. What is that? Is that cotton? They can’t all be done in a day. Okay…. We’ll come again. Let’s bring Sumire-san next time. Doing these amount will take lots of dyeing liquid. We’ve prepared a huge bucket of dyeing liquid though. Could you do only these two today? well, you can do two. And this T-shirt. Okay, the T-shirt. This is too big. not this time. There’re 6 more people coming on Saturday… Next week. Is next week okay? Yes. I already cut the sakura tree. Look at the poor Sakura tree. Are we using THAT tree?? Yes. that sakura tree. Last fall there was a Typhoon and the branches damaged the roof. It got too big and the branches were coming into this area. We don’t want it to go over the wall. We are going to trim it back and plant two more cherry trees. This is yours. Let’s do these two. I will prepare lots of dyeing liquid by next time. I’ll do these next week. Yes, next week. Otherwise, the color won’t be good if you dye many at once. I’m going to get some more wood for firewood. I’m going to Shizuhara. It definitely needs firewood to make dyeing liquid. Because gas stove is too weak. Cherry blossoms dyeing is really hard and tough. Film Noriko-san today! She’s outside. Get her to talk! She never speaks. What are you doing here? She is making cotton thread. She is using an “ito-guruma” (spinning wheel) to make thread. She’s making thread by hand? You can film it. You can try to make thread too. She’s a beginner but she’ll help you. Let’s get Nori-chan to do that. She’s good at it. We used green tea leaves. What kind of tea did you use? Green tea? How long do you boil it? Organic green tea. and what? Well, till the color is good. It’s faster than cherry wood. This one is hard too. Sakura takes half day, right? yes, for one bucket. Half as long as cherry. three hours? About two hours. That’s amazing. You can do it at home. Wash this. What is that smell? this? This is peach. This is the cherry. If you keep mixing it, the color gets better. I’m gonna boil this. Help me carry this. It’s got only one handle. You can do it. This is the cherry. I’m gonna boil. It will get darker. This is also cherry. This is the boiled sakura dyeing liquid. The color is different. Nori-cha, can you show them the color? It’s dark pink. Does it smell? It smells like plum and cherry. It smells like cherry, doesn’t it? Really? Is this branches? Yes, stems, leaves, and the trunk as well. But petals can’t dye. Just that? with water? Yes, and water. Later, the cloth is put in a mordant of ash and water to fix the color. That’s all? Yes. Let’s add the liquid in there. And one more pot. What am I gonna do? Can you pour the sakura liquid in this bowl? oh, you already soaked them. I want to do “shibori” tie-dye. You wanna do it with this? You wanna do this too? ahh, not this time. I’ll buy another scarf for the next week. Like the spiral one? I want to make it look like waves. It has gotten a little pink. Keep mixing, Ryo-chan! okay! otherwise the color will be uneven. Don’t just watch. Sara chan has come. Sara! Fluffy! He’s really fluffy. She likes you! Today, you filmed lots of dogs. Certainly. You are the men who makes every dog adore you. 0nly 10 minutes has passed but it is gotten fairly pink. Almost finished? I’ll put them in here. How long do you boil them? Until the temperature goes up. If it gets hot enough, it’s finished? Once it gets hot enough then we put it in the mordant to fix the color. cedar mordant? No, mordant NEXT. I thought you’re using cedar. Then it goes back in the vat some more till it boils It’s boiling. I’ve been stirring. These have just been added. It’s really pretty. It dyes fast. The color is really good. We can put it in the mordant soon. You did shibori all of them. You could add one more. We put alum in hot water. That’s the mordant. Drain it well. Don’t want to waste it. so that you can use it again. The smell has changed, don’t you think? That smells good. Keep stirring this. I drink this. It sounds good to your body. When I’m boiling this. The dye liquid? Yes. It’s like herbal tea. Yes yeah. oh it’s beautiful. Sugoi ne~~ Did you put the same amount of the alum? No. Okay, then put that in here. But you have to keep stirring. These are cotton and linen, so… take time properly. Put out the fire now. It’s smarter. Is this cherry dye good for silk? Silk is easy to dye. Keep stirring for 15 minutes. Stir slowly. Take your time. After 15 minutes, wash it in water and put it back in the dye liquid. The color is getting lighter. By oxidizing it like this, it gets redder. There is some liquid from ashes in here too that are alkaline. The more alkaline it is, the easier it is for the red color to be produced. It’s still light pink but it’s getting redder. How many times did you do it? do this. make it redder. Wash that after being soaked in the mordant. It looks like it has gotten darker. Yeah because we soaked in the mordant. How can I describe this smell? some good smell I can’t explain. It smells like “Sakura Mochi” (cherry rice cakes) Yes, it does. After this second immersion, what do we do? Once it starts to boil, we turn the heat off. As it cools down, the color will deepen.
leave it for 20 – 30 minutes. And then? Then, if you are happy with the color, it gets washed again. How is it? It’s looking good. Has the color changed? It looks darker than before. The color is good. This looks harder! Yes, yes, yes! How long are you gonna do this? Until the color gets redder. So the same color as this one. This is still light. So the more it touches the air, the redder it gets? You have to spend a lot of time to get a good result. It’s like cooking. It’s like cooking something with a huge deep pot. Turn the gas off. Leave it like this. Let’s see. Is it still light? The temperature…. It’s still too hot. I can put my hand into this. You do it. Yes, it’s hot! Not yet. Let’s take it outside and chill it. We have to wait till it cools. We’re gonna soak them and let them bloom there. Dye liquid is made from this. Sakura. It’s about to bloom. Ryo-chan! Yes, coming. We’re going to add the ash! Put the ash in. The ash will sink to the bottom. Then tomorrow, we will just use the top part. Only the top part? Yes. Why are you holding a camera? I’m filming now. First dying, second dying, third dying, then the coloring begins to weaken. First dyeing is relatively fast. because the liquid density is high. With time, the liquid weakens. The pigment from the wood is going to decrease. After the third time, this vat will be finished.
Tomorrow, we’ll make a new one. We’ll wait 30 minutes for that other vat to cool. What are you filming? I’m filming this. Will it be on TV? No, it won’t be on TV. Good! You’re going to make thread? yes. From cotton batting? I see this all the time. I know this. Do you see this all the time? Yes. I will start making thread. Turn the spinning wheel and pull the cotton. Don’t move this. Are you twisting the cotton? Yes. I can’t see. move the camera here. Viewers can’t see well from here. Here! Nope! here. The thread that is made is here. Steam is still rising up, it’s still not cooling down. It’s still hot. It’s not that hot. It’s like a hot bath. We have to take each one and wash them. I’m surprised! It dyed well. Yeah. Don’t throw it out. I’ll put your hood on. Your hood is on! Thank you. Take the hood off. I can’t. Then remove the string from shibori one. I want to remove the string on that! I like doing that! I’m busy. Everyone helps. Let’s spread. I can see the pattern. Good, good, it looks good. It looks like this! It has a pattern. Lets do the next one. Everyone already started to remove. Thank you for doing that. It there a pattern? I’m not sure but… It looks like the string was not wrapped tightly enough so there isn’t much of a pattern. Shibori wasn’t tight enough. It’s got something stuck in here. We can wash it off. Can I help you? Washing the last pieces. I wanna wash too! Yes please. She’s full of energy. I want you to film her too! Yes I’m filming her now. She’s cute! She’s cute! She’s cute! She’s my dog! AHHHHHHHHHH !!!(゚∀゚)!!! Here is one piece. This is one of the tie-dye pieces and it is pretty big. It looks pretty good! And yours is… Can you hold this? Please show them. It was dyed fairly deeply. It looks good. Here is another one of yours. It was white so it has come out fairly light. The T-shirt was unbleached. Branches from this tree were used to make the dye. Nice! Full of energy. Very Pretty! Dry these well. The color will deepen. Sakura – Cherry! There is ash in there so I am filtering it out. I’ll oxidize it some more to make it redder. It has started to look more translucent. So it’s not finished yet? That’s right. It has to be oxidized further to become more red. The ash needs to fall to the bottom and we will just use the top part. It’s becoming clearer than before. That’s true. It looked like coffee a short while ago. It was more brown. Yes. It was more brown. Making dyes are difficult! Dyeing is easy but making the liquid is tough work. Are we coming back next week? yeah. I’ll make a really red one. Thank you! Sometime in late next week. Towards the end of next week is better. I have planted the indigo seeds but it is still cold. Next week the seedlyings may come up. You can film it. This year is cold, so they are late. Thank you. Take it easy. See you next week.

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  13. I really love the videos at the Ohara studio! Thank you for these!

    I dyed some yarn with Wild Cherry earlier this year and really love the pink. I also got a tan and light yellow-brown with different mordants. I've never oxygenated it though. I will try that next time. Next week, I hope to try indigo and salt dyeing. Thank you for putting your time into these videos.

  14. I don’t speak your language but after stumbling across your Flair Espresso video and then watching more, I had to subscribe, you are awesome 👏 😎 ! I said to my wife
    “you know his videos are cool , if I subscribed and can’t speak his language however I feel like I understand what he saying “
    If you need anything let me know, I’m not looking for money 💴 or anything but I would like to visit your country and get to know the area you live in….I can pay for my own ✈️ and 🏨… please let me know …
    🇺🇸 USA
    Donald Birch
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