Cherry blossoms at night! 目黒川の夜桜☆

Hey guys! I am at the Nakameguro Station. And as you can see, it is really crowded. It’s because of the cherry blossoms. Everyone is here to see them at night. I am at the Megurogawa Sakura Matsuri. The Meguro River Sakura Festival. There are lots of people. All taking pitures of the beautiful Yozakura. The sakura at night. Isn’t it pretty? Alright, let’s go to the other side of the river. Oh my gosh, it’s so pretty. Look at this. Oh my gosh you guys, Guess what I found. My favorite Japanese snack of all time! Sakura rice cakes! I am going to have to get one. I got myself some sakuramochi! Alright, let’s go and eat some. It’s my favorite snack of all time. Seriously it’s so good. So there’s two different kinds. One on a right. It looks different. This is actually a Kansai style, where you can see,
I don’t know if you can see it, but the rice grains. See all the.. you can see all the grains. And this one is the Kanto style. It’s like crepe-like rice cake. It’s like a lot smoother. I actually like the Kansai style better, with the grainy rice. It’s not grainy, it’s soft. But it’s not kneaded as much as the other one. And what you see on the outside, the leaf, is a sakura leaf. And inside is red bean paste. The saltiness of the sakura leaf
and the sweetness of red bean paste is absolutely delicious! It’s kind of like dipping french fries in strawberry shake! It is the perfect combination of salty and sweet. And the texture of the rice,
the mochi rice, is so good. So if you are ever in Japan, You’ve gotta try sakura mochi. You know there is lots of snacks, sakura flavored snacks out
in the convenient stores and things. But no, you’ve got to have the sakura mochi. How great is it that I get to take a bite of this surrounded by beautiful sakura? I am the happiest girl ever! Hope you guys enjoyed the sakura in the day time and sakura at night in Japan! Alright guys, I will see you guys again soon! Bye!

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