Cherry Blossoms Around Tokyo: Shibuya, Yoyogi and Inokashira ★ ONLY in JAPAN

Don’t miss this Only in Japan In Japan between March and April, The cherry blossoms or SAKURAs in Japanese are celebrated like no where else in the world In this
episode we’re going to look at the cherry blossoms around Tokyo Then look outward To understand the cherry blossoms is to understand japan YOYOGI Park between Harajuku and Shibuya is one of the most popular destinations
for HANAMI for Tokyo residents under 40 It’s lively all year round But during [Tree]SAKURA season it takes on a different feel Blue sheets and hanami goers are
everywhere The atmosphere is like a big party I chatted with a group of hanami
goers and ask them simply Why are you here Not faraway in Shibuya is HACHIKO crossing The busiest intersection in the world has its own cherry blossoms This is a popular meeting spot But for only 10 days a year it’s just
like this The lovable dog HACHIKO has a statue And this cool dog has one of best views in town The king of Shibuya Someone give that dog a bone Just on the other side of Shibuya station is SHIBUYAHIKARIE A new building with
loads of great shops and cafes HARBS has one of my favorite cakes the
mille crepes Six layers of fruits and cream It’s awesome But on this day I had a craving for
something seasonal like this The SAKURA cake It has real SAKURA blossoms on top and just screams springtime Cherry blossoms see them smell them and now eat them At a couple HARBS original muscat jasmine tea It’s a fantastic duo Sweet azuki beans envelope
in a delicious sakura cherry blossom flavored mousse But how does it taste Oh it’s good That’s very good The essence of springtime in Japan
wrapped up in a delicious cake INIKASHIRA park is one of the
most popular destinations in Tokyo for HANAMI In fact it’s one of the most popular in
all of Japan Besides the many sakura trees, INOKASHIRA park has a tranquil lake for rowing and paddling It’s usually a peaceful place but in
Tokyo during the sakura season It becomes more of a parking lot for boats It can be relaxing From the lake you get a new perspective
on the trees and the park It’s easy to make friends with local
people during the [Tree]SAKURA season They offered us food,drinks and some fantastic insight on
Japan’s history with the cherry blossoms There are a lot of nostalgic songs
that remind people of moments in the past and reliving also [Tree]SAKURA memories can be a lot of fun It’s easy to get caught up in the moment
and simply enjoying the togetherness That comes with being a HANAMI goer is a major part of [Tree]SAKURA season
in japan This history goes all the way back to
the time of the SAMURAI

75 thoughts on “Cherry Blossoms Around Tokyo: Shibuya, Yoyogi and Inokashira ★ ONLY in JAPAN

  1. That was really great insight with the old man in the yellow about the cherry blossoms. I didn't know it goes back to the samurai times! Interesting.

  2. Please do come for a visit m20andreas! You'll love it, especially at this time of the year. It's just amazing! -John

  3. I'll try my best to answer you, astroboy3507. Really appreciate your feedback. Next show: The Amazing Japanese Toilet! lol -John

  4. Sure! Check out the "24 Hours on Hachiko Square" video on the WAORYU ONLYinJAPAN channel 🙂 Let me know if there's anything I missed. -John

  5. 花見は祝祭ではありません。Hanami is not celebration 人や神を対象にするのがお祝い。花見は単純に自然を愛でるもの。

  6. 桜が花の代名詞になったのは平安時代。武士はまだ存在していない。桜は生のはかなさを感じさせる。武士の感性とは全く違う。潔さは武士の姿だが、桜が散るのを潔いと感じる日本人はほとんどいない。だいたい自分の意志で散っているわけでもないし、、、

  7. 例えば楽天の田中将大の連投に桜の影響が感じられる。人々に強い印象を与える事は選手生命に勝るという考え。

  8. Your video's are really great and informative but there's a 'cheesy' quality about them that is hilarious!! Keep it up – very entertaining!

  9. You use some original camera angles. 🙂 I really like your videos about Japan so far, they cover a lot of very interesting information without lasting too long and they're also entertaining !

  10. when I first watched one of ur vids about vending machines I thought this show is airing in a tv and started researchng what channel and time LOL when I found out that you just made it I'm amazed you vids are GREAT!

  11. I might be in japan in the end of march next year 🙂 do you think i will get to see the Cherry blossom ? I would really love to

  12. I liked the yellow jacket guy's speach , he sounded very cultivated and he didn't do that head nodding thing that japanese people usually do when they talk .

  13. This video is also very good. You have made many videos in different parts of Japan. Can you please make one in Fukuoka ?

  14. sakura cilibration cames from china culture. china culture make this cilibration from mongol and scythe cilibration "nauryz" is a day of 22 march when day equal to night. All human cultures are common.

  15. Does the cherry blossum tree actually produce cherries or are they like the trees in Washington DC which bloom beautifully and smell of cherry, producing a crab apple!

  16. I lived in the Washington DC area for many years & the Cherry Blossoms there are so beautiful !
    Thank you Japan for giving them to our country so many years ago. One day, they will be great old trees like the ones in this park.
    Thank you!

  17. 桜を愛でる習慣は、平和な時代の奈良時代や平安時代が起源でしょう。貴族の和歌の主題として、盛んに詠まれています。西行が生涯桜を愛したのは、有名です。西行が愛した奈良県の吉野山の桜は、1,000年以上、植樹され続けています。侍がはかない人生の散り際を桜に例えたのは、江戸時代後期の本居宣長や吉田松陰からでしょう。昭和の軍国主義の時代に、国に命を捧げる精神が尊いとして、この考えが利用された。侍が領国の防衛のために建設した城郭には、敵が隠れる桜の木は、一本も植樹されていなかった。(英語表記が望ましいが、とりあえず日本語記述で失礼します。)

  18. 🎎🎌🎏i choose visit Japan …but my plan …lost …how I can go there….Not easy to go …🎌🎏

  19. john, how is the cherry blossom like after 6 April? im planning to go with my friend next year during cherry blossom season.

  20. Hey John, first of all I love your videos 👌. Did that Cherry blossom cake have a layer of Matcha at the bottom? Looking forward to your next video. I think it would be awesome if you did an only in Japan episode strictly on Pokemon. I hope you are having a great day and hope you reply toy comment, it would make my day.

  21. If 3/11/11 hadn't happened I'd friggin loved to have seen this spectacle in fact it used to be on my bucket list. But humans STUPIDITY thinking nuclear energy is a great idea took that from me. It really dosent matter I mite as well go cuz it ain't like it's fallout isn't gonna affect me here in the states as well! Nuclear power will destroy everything in the end mark my words!!!!!!!! I'd say it must be stopped but is there any point at this point?

  22. Hello sissy.. Dito na. Ko.. Thanks for sharing.. 🙂 nakinood at nag iwan na Ko ng regalo… Antayin din kita Godbless ❤️ ❤️ walang iwanan po:)

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