CH 13 教堂花藝—組合式 Church Flower Arrangement#13

( please subscribe ) Friends, I show you a pot of flowers today, a lot of friends like to insert a potted flower, I prefer to do a combination of works I use a bottle of about 15 inches today, in the following and then placed a small flower foam, I will do a double of the opposite works, I demonstrated for everyone on the right, like a S-type, Is a double-layer insert We can see that today I use this Genista, it was originally very long, about 30-40 inches, I cut this cut into 29 inches, and hand it bent f you want to go into the foam firmly, you can add a short stump at the bottom of the stem, and then fixed it with tape, I put it in the one o’clock of the foam After that, I cut the remaining part of the 18-inch, placed in the side eight o’clock position, let it droop, looks like a S-type Then I will start to put high branches, I take out a more curved carnations, it is about 18 inches, pay attention to stay in the node set an inch position We can follow this form, put it bent in front of the Genista Our second branch is 14 inches, put it on the side, and bend to the right After finishing this, you can put an 8-inch on the side, let it hang down In this focus position, I will place the Lilium, the stems are 3 inches, placed in six o’clock of the foam. We can see, I first placed from top to bottom of these flowers, resulting in a line Insert the combination of works, should be made up and down two sets at the same time, I put the high branches, placed in the following a 9-inch carnation And then placed a yellow sky tyrants (Lilium), so that the upper and lower pots echo each other, followed by the leaves We put the leaves when we can make it slightly drooping, the side position and angle can also be placed Sabah leaves Floral arrangements have many steps, do not put the leaves too early, the general placed after the main flower with leaves The main lines I have done, then I will put a 12-inch carnations here, keep in this range, and then placed on the right, keep this form Also in front of the foam side position, but also placed a 4-inch half of the carnations, and then placed in the foam surface As for the basin below, I will put two carnations, resulting in a meniscus shape, so that the upper and lower parts of the lines are the same Then we can put other flowers, today I will use Campanulaceae (Eustoma), were placed in these locations, about 4 inches will be enough After the addition of these, you can put the leaves of Sabah and Campanulaceae (Eustoma), used to cover the foam As for the above, I will put about four inches long Campanulaceae (Eustoma) between flowers and flowers, so that this work seems more substantial And then we have to place the Sabah leaves in the back, you can also use Campanulaceae (Eustoma) leaves to cover the foam Floral arrangements are the most laid out, that is, first put the lines, and then placed high branches, followed by the focus on the flowers Of course, the next flower can be placed, and today I use Eustoma (Eustoma) buds as flowers, they can make the work looks more substantial The longer buds are about 8 to 9 inches, placed in the shorter position of the buds, about five to six inches will be enough to stretch it out so that the work seems more dynamic To pay attention to the larger buds, suitable for placing in the middle of the position, placed a small bud, you can let it stretch out, about seven to eight put OK Here we have to put a small pot of flowers, the larger buds to be cut shorter, put the buds will be more beautiful If we have the rest of the Genista, you can cut out one by one, with the flower to be placed, the longer can let it hang down, so that the arrangement can make the lines look more normal and rich Above the branches (Genista) bent up, the following will be hanging down, followed by flowers to display, placed in the side of about six to seven inches, so that they bend up Of course, the bottom of the pot (Genista) is bent up, floral flower to the direction of the line to be placed Insert the combination of words, do not put the above basin into a curved line, but the basin below is straight lines, we have to be consistent, will look good Soon I made the two-storey arrangement of the church, like a S-type, today I used the Genista, carnations, Lilium, Eustoma and Sabah leaves Is relatively easy to buy the flowers, we can try it

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