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I am Ann Reardon Today we are going to make this pretty flower
cake using just buttercream for those decorations. For the filling between the layers we are
using mascapone, cream cheese, icing sugar and vanilla. I’ll put all the recipe quantities
on the howtocookthat.net website in grams and ounces and cups for you and there’s a
link to that below. Mix that together until it’s combined. And then for the syrup you’ll need sugar,
water and coffee, add the sugar to the water and heat it until it is dissolved. Then add
in the coffee and stir that through well. For the cake itself I am using my sponge cake
recipe and I’ll link you to that video in the blog post too. Brush on as much or as little of that coffee
syrup as you like and then add a generous amount of the cream cheese filling. This syrup
together with the filling give it a bit of a tiramisu sort of flavour to the cake.
Stack on the next layer, more syrup, loads more filling and then the top layer. Mix up a batch of my buttercream and again
I’ll link you to that video in the blog post. Cover the whole cake in a thin layer of buttercream,
you could use ganache or whatever frosting you like for this part, we’re just covering
the whole cake.. Use a spatula to smooth out the top … and
the sides of the cake. Then run the curved end of the spatula around the base of the
cake in a straight line and then repeat that all the way up the sides. For our flowers we want to mix different colours
and you can do whatever you like. I am using a green, pinks purpley colours , yellow and
a little bit of uncoloured frosting. Take a flower spike – this just makes it easy
to twirl whatever you are piping, that is why we have one of these. Put a little bit
of frosting on it and then a piece of non-stick baking paper on top. Then pipe a cylinder
of yellow then just add some extra bits on top there. Just squeeze and pull up, squeeze
and pull up so that it makes the centre of your flower. Next take some pink icing and
a 125 piping tip and pipe around the centre all the way around… then add petals going
up and down, then just up around and down. Keep going around like that until you are
happy with the size of your flower. Next start in the middle and pipe a tall blog.
Then pipe around it with pink to make the centre of the flower. Then pipe petals just
like we did before and keep going all the way around the flower. And you want to repeat that with different
coloured pinks so that you get some variation on your cake and then you want to put them
in the freezer to go firm. Using your palest pink make some little flowers
just piping up across and in, up across and in. And keep going so that you have four little
petals. To make a rose bud pipe a centre in whatever
colour you have spare, and then wrap it around in the green. Then pipe the flower colour
in the centre using a 349 tip twisting as you go. Then take a knife and close up the bud so
you can just see a bit of the pink. For some extra greenery pipe a blob of green
then pipe spikes on the top and all over it, around the sides. Place it in the freezer
to go firm. And then once it is firm pipe a little dot of white icing on the end of
each spike. Add some icing in the centre of the cake just
to raise up the middle flowers so it is not completely flat so it looks a bit more like
a bunch. And add one of your bigger flowers and some rose buds around it. Then pipe on
some green on the side and add your next flower into place. If you don’t pipe that green on
first you might find it a little bit hard to get in between the two flowers without
bumping them . Continue to add more and more until you have covered the whole top of the
cake. If you live somewhere hot like I do you’ll need to work fairly fast before they
soften. Or you can just put them back int he freezer while you are working. If you love howtocookthat share the video
and give it a thumbs up. If you’re new here subscribe for more cakes chocolates and desserts,
click here to check out my other videos, and here for the recipe. If you like this style of cake follow ivenoven
on instagram she has been piping in this style for years now and she is really brilliant.
She doesn’t know I’m giving her a shout out, so let her know I sent you. Make it a great week and I’ll see you on Friday.
[music: youtube.com/setsailtv used with permission]

100 thoughts on “BUTTERCREAM FLOWER CAKE TUTORIAL How To Cook That Ann Reardon

  1. Hi Anne!
    Your cakes are delicious! I would love to bake these for my family) Unfortunately, I am not so well know English to understand everything that you're telling. I would be very grateful if you write a recipe for cream of magic roses!

  2. who r those such people who unliked those videos! i don't like it at all, but i gave a thumbs up 😉👍👍👍👍👍

  3. How do you make what ever your making,the finishing product come first did you make it first then do the actual video😯😦

  4. i wanna go in my tablet and eat that cake i
    I💟 howtocokthat so much delichiocise ness i speĺt that wrong

  5. Can you tell me whats the reason why my icing sugar never dissolves in the butter while making the American buttercream? It always remains grainy.

  6. Спасибо за русское описание! Было очень удобно! Thank you Ann! From Rassia!)))

  7. 0:25 Wait…. your heavy-mixer attachment has silicone edges? …it's a mixer and a spatula?! Genius. I had no idea such a beautiful piece of equipment existed. I am so blessed to live in this century…

  8. 외국인 체널에 한국어가 적혀 있으면 왼지 이상하단 말이야….다른나라어는 안 적혀 있으면서….

  9. it looks amazing the way you do the roses OMG your so good 1 day i have got to have that for my birthday
    your amazing at this girl u got skills 🙂

  10. i tries n it didnt turn out good actually i dont have piping bags so i used ziplock bags ……it is so frigin hard you make it look so easy hats off to you.You are a perfectionist

  11. hola ana me encantaron tus videos ,eres muy explicita ..bueno y maravilloso todo lo que haces ,felicitaciones!!!!!!
    te encontre buscando un video que usaran boquillas para pelos y aparecio el hermoso osito que hiciste ..maravilloso ,soy de chile un pais sudamericano ,me gusta que alguno de tus videos estan en español

  12. Hola Ana, me encanta todo lo que haces, me gustaría que dejaras en la cajita la receta en español, yo no sé el idioma inglés. Gracias.
    Saludos desde México.

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