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Hi everybody. Welcome to our video today.
We are going to learn who to make this beautiful Build A Bouquet Project Kit. This is what
comes in the kit, right here. These are the additional supplies that you will need. You’ll
need this fantastic Build A Bouquet Stamp Set. You are going to need four ink pads,
Hello Honey, Island Indigo, Mellow Moss and Strawberry Slush. Since this stamp set is
photopolymer you are going to need some clear blocks, a Bone Folder, some needle nose pliers,
any pliers will do, and a glue gun. There are full instructions that come with the kit.
I am going to teach you how to do one of each of the flowers today but if you have
any questions feel free to reference the instructions. Let’s get started and let me show you what
we are going to make. We are going to make this gorgeous bouquet
today. Well maybe not all of these, but I’m going to show you how to make one of each
flower. We are going to start with this gorgeous poppy, right here. To assemble this flower you are going to need
eight large petals from the kit. You’re going to need eight small petals from the kit, four
of these black fringe, one of the wire pieces, two large leaves and a flower base. From the
stamp set you are going to need this stripey, texture piece and one of the leaf middles,
the Mossy Meadow ink and the Strawberry Slush ink. To start you are going to stamp all of
your pieces and you are going to set them aside to dry. There are two sides to the paper.
There is a smooth side and kind of a rough side, depending on what side you stamp, the
rough side will dry faster and the smooth side will have a more smoother look. So experiment
and see what side you like best. But stamp them all all and set them aside to dry. When
they are all stamped they will look like this. So since those are drying, we are going to
make our fringe middle. To do that you are going to take your black strips, like I mentioned
you need four of them, and you’re going to take a Bone Folder and really gently drag
it along the bottom to break those fibers up. Look at how it’s already starting to curl.
This is going to make it so much easier for us to adhere it to our wire and assemble our
middle. We are going to use our glue gun and we are going to put a small amount of glue
on the edge of your wire. We recommend using hot glue for this project because other adhesives
aren’t quite strong enough, and as you do the project make sure you are careful and
use a small amount of glue. I’m going to put a little bit of glue right there, glue the
wire on, and then you are going to wrap this as tightly as possible around your wire. You
are going to do this four times, with all four pieces, and when you are done your piece
will look like this. Now we are ready to assemble our petals. You’ll
notice your petals have a slit in the middle like this. We need to glue these together
to give our flowers a little bit of dimension. You need to be careful with this step because
if you glue them too much your flower isn’t going to look quite right and your going to
have a hard time gluing it onto the base of your flower. If you don’t glue it enough then
your flower is going to be really flat and wont have enough dimension. You want to get
a fine balance between them. So lay your petal flat, put a small bead of glue, and then you
are going to barely fold those flaps over so you are getting a little bit of dimension
but not too much. Do that with all of your large petals and all of your small petals.
When you are done you’ll have all of those. Now you are ready to start assembling your
flower. We have our fringe middle and we have all of our petal pieces glued together. Now
we can start assembling out flower. We are going to start with our small petals. Put
a small amount of glue across the bottom, and start adhering them to the base of our
fringe. Flowers have a lot of pretty dimension and they are meant to look really full and
beautiful. So don’t be afraid to scrunch and shape these the way you want. With these I
recommend starting with one side and then doing the other side, like that. Then you
are going to glue these two petals here, and here, just to get you started. then you can
see where to fill in the petals as you go along. Let me show you the finished flower
one more time. You are going to glue on all of your petals, and when you are done you
are going to glue your base on, and your poppy is done. Repeat five times to finish
all of your poppies. Let’s move on to our next flower. For our next three flowers I want to show
you how to do the middles because they require a little of extra instruction. We are going
to take our wire piece and our needle nose pliers and you are going to bend the wire
down just a little bit like that. Then bend it back on itself. What we are doing here
is creating a base because we are going to glue our button on top so that our flower
center looks full and like it’s a blossoming flower. We’ve created this little loop, now
we are going to bend it until it is sitting flat so we have a flat base for our button.
There are two sizes of buttons, there is medium and small. Make sure you reference your instructions
to make sure you are using your medium button with the flowers you need to, and your small
button with the flowers you need to. Now we’ve created our base and we are going to glue
our button on. Use a little bit of glue to glue your button down, and they’ll end up
looking like that. We are going to take your Hello Honey tissue paper and glue two of them
together to create a really thick, nice cover for the button. Pull this over your button.
My advice here is try to get this as snug as possible. It might take some finessing,
but it’s paper so the more you play with it, the softer it’s going to get, and the more
pliable and the easier it’s going to be. Then we are going to take our floral tape and wrap
it around. If you need to use a little bit of glue in this step that is totally fine.
Remember when using floral tape that if it’s not adhering well gently stretch it and that
activates whatever adhesive is inside that floral tape. It’s not a strong adhesive so
if at any point you find that you need a little bit of extra adhesive just use some hot glue.
Let me show you how to do our next three flowers. He loves me, he loves me not. Let’s make a daisy! This one is so fun to put together and really
simple, let me show you how to do it. You are going to start with your medium flower
button center. Maker sure that you’ve one of these assembled. You need four of these white fringe tissue
paper strips. Be careful with these. You don’t have to be too careful but be kind of careful
because when I was making some of these I got a little bit enthusiastic and I did tear
some. So be gentle when you are assembling your flower.
You are also going to need two small leaves. I’m going to set those aside, and then you
are going to do your stamping. You are going to use this flower center here
and this small leaf. Stamp them about three quarters of the way up in Hello Honey and
then stamp the center of your leaves with the Mossy Meadow. Once you have all of your stamping done, set
them aside to dry, and then you can assemble your flower. Start with your base and one of your flower
fringes. Put a tiny bit of glue down, and wrap this around your flower. Feel free to
use more small beads of glue. I have finished gluing my fringe on, the next step I want
to mention is you have this seam where your fringe ended as you were gluing it on. I suggest
you rotate your flower just a little bit, you can do to the other side or a quarter
of a turn and start gluing your fringe on there, instead of overlapping them exactly.
That way your flower petals are going to be off set a little bit. You can see already
where it is resting in between. When you go to curl your leaves down your daisy petals
are all going to be aligned and your daisy is going to look like it has some bald patches. Keep doing that all the way around with all
four fringes. When you are done with that the final step is that you want to curl these
petals down. To do that you are going to take your Bone Folder and really gently curl the
petals. You can do a couple at a time, if you feel like one needs a little more dimension
than another then you can work with the petals a little bit. You can see it goes down really
easy. Here is the finished flower one more time. Don’t forget to glue your little leaf
on. When you get all of your fringe glues on you’ll also want to wrap your center with
your floral tape. That is how you make that flower. Let’s move onto our next one. Then next flower we are going to make is this
gorgeous chrysanthemum. This was my favorite flower to assemble because it is so wild and
fun. I loved it. Let’ me show you how to do it. We are going to start with our small button
center this time. Make sure you’ve got those assembled. You’ll need a medium leaf, and
four of these Pool Party fringes. We are going to glue them to our base just like we did
with the daisy. Careful not to burn yourself. Same thing applies, roll it up and when you
get it done make sure that you are off setting those seems so that your flower petals are
lying evenly. When you get done with that you are going to wrap your center with floral
tape. Then you have the fun opportunity to sit and curl these petals down, We are are
going to do it like we did with the daisy. Just curl them. This one I did most of mine
individually. You don’t have to do it that way, but I wanted to have that really crazy,
rock star flower look. So I really got crazy with mine. But you can be more delicate about
it then I was. Make sure you stamp your leaf with the Mossy Meadow ink and glue it on.
Once you have finished all of those steps you are going to have some wicked cool chrysanthemums. A rose by any other name would still smell
as sweet, but these don’t smell like anything because they are paper. But they are still
pretty to look at. Let me show you how to make this super cute
wild rose flower. You are going to pull out of your kit twenty of these Crisp Cantaloupe
petal pieces. You need two of the Basic Black flower centers, a flower base and a medium
leaf. Stamp the center of your flower with Strawberry
Slush ink and your medium flower center. Then we are going to adhere our petals just like
we did with the poppy. Making sure we aren’t overlapping them too much, and not too little.
Just enough to give them some dimension. To assemble your flower, you are going to
take your medium button base and your two die-cut black centers. We are going to curl
gently these up, just like this. You can curl them both the same way just make
sure that they are resting opposite directions on your flower. Then we are going to thread that through and
get that up as close to the center of our base as possible. This is why it is so important
to have your flower centers nice and snug against the wire so you can get your stamens
on there. We are going to put the second one on and have it going down, just like that.
Glue our petals on, and the same recommendation for this one. We are going to put four petals
on, one on each side. Then you will feel in the gaps. I did not put enough glue on there.
There is a fine balance between too much glue and then you get all of the strings and nonsense
that comes with using hot glue, and then using not enough glue and having it dry before you
even get it on there. I’m sure you are much better at hot gluing
then I am when I am trying to film a video! We’ll get those four petals on there, and
keep going until you fill the flower out. Add your base, add some floral tape and glue
your leaf on. That is how you make your wild rose flower. Who you calling pansy? Just kidding! We are
going to make some pansies. Pull out of your kit nine of these Pool Party
pansy flowers. You need three little stems and three of these Hello Honey centers. Stamp
all of your flowers petals using this splotchy stamp in Island Indigo ink. So stamp them
all, set them aside to dry. This is what they look like when they are done drying. Take your Hello Honey fringe and very gently
start to curl it using your Bone Folder. Can you here that? It makes the coolest sound. Take one of our wires and put a little bit
of glue on the end, and wrap this around your wire center. Just like this. This is what
it will look like when you are done. I found it was easiest to put a little, tiny stream
of glue around the edge and then thread the flower up through the center and squish it
and shape it and manipulate it until you get it right where you want it. It will go pretty
far over that yellow center. Put a little more glue on the bottom, take
your second flower and make sure you are off-setting it. You don’t want your petals to rest right
on top of each other. You want them to look full and pretty like they grew in the wild
and not in your craft room. Do this one more time, and that is how you
make your pansy. Then you are going to use some floral tape
and adhere this to your stem. When you get done with that you adhere three of these flowers
together using floral tape. Your flower will look just like that. That is how we make all of our flowers. We have talked about how to make all of these
gorgeous flowers today. I hope you have had a lot of fun learning. This is an enormous
bouquet, so don’t plan on trying to get all of these flowers done in one sitting. Maybe
if you need to get caught up on some tv shows or watch movie and then you can spend a little
time doing these flowers. These flowers make a great gift. You can put them in a vase and
attach a tag. The stamp set comes with some really great greetings and the kit comes with
tags so you can make them. It also comes with a little bit of ribbon and some Linen Thread.
You can tie this up as a bouquet, you can throw it in a vase and give it away. I hope you’ve had fun learning how to make
these flowers today. If you are interested in purchasing this kit be sure to contact
your local demonstrator or visit our website at Have a great day. Thanks for joining me.

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