Bud Development: Bloom 1

(music from Coldplay)>>GRAHAM: Hi, my name is Randy Graham
with Curtis Orchard, here to provide
another informational video on apple tree development.
We’ve now entered the bloom stage of apple tree development,
and this is the one we’re most excited about.
We’re not in full bloom yet, but you can see by this cluster,
our king bloom (that’s the center blossom)
has opened fully. The side blossoms are still in pink.
Actually, this king bloom is the one that we want to pollinate.
And the good news is, the bees have been working
the last couple of days. It’s been a little cool,
with temperatures in the mid to upper 50s,
but it’s been calm enough the bees have been working
and if we stay close we may see a bee fly by here.
The reason we want to pollinate this bloom
is that it will make the largest apple,
and that’s because it’s the first blossom
that has opened in the season and it has a
longer growing season than the other blossoms will have.
So it’s imperative that we get this blossom pollinated.
The others we can thin off later because
since they open later they will be smaller
and easier to thin than the king bloom.
So our next stage will be full bloom
followed by petal fall. Now, as we mentioned earlier –
you go from pink stage to blossom stage,
and you see how white this blossom appears to be?
That’s because, while it is pink (technically)
as it opens and the petals fill out,
they have a white interior.

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