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  1. What they did to luke was fucked up man. Nobody deserves to be humiliated like that. The voice over was messed up and what Haley said was so mean. Poor luke😔

  2. " Would anyone else like to accept Luke's rose?"
    Girls: * stands there awkwardly*
    Me: Yikes.

    Bri's not that pretty anyway so there's no loss. I felt so embarrassed for him, but you know what, it's okay. A girl who doesn't want your time isn't worth your time.

  3. Lol…Dylan is trying not to laugh…..but this is really embarrassing. Painful to watch. Don't think we will see Luke again

  4. Chris Harrison did NOT ask the girls if any of them wanted his rose. Nor did he say this has never happened before. It's a voice over. It sounds slightly different and we never see Chris say those things. It was recorded after the fact and added to make things super awkward. The producers and editors did him dirty.

  5. Luke wow you handled it like a champ!! You are a cool calm collected dude. Me?? I would have probably on national tv passed out or been soo embarrassed id start to hyperventilate or panic attack. Especially when douche bag Dylan started to laugh…i would have walked over there punched him out. Give you credit man and look up to ya

  6. Haven't watched the show so I can't speak on what happened, but I can speak on masculinity and feminity.
    You can be attractive, but if you don't really hold masculine qualities, women will not be attracted to you usually.

    It's one thing to be attractive and a whole other things for girls to be "attracted" to you.
    If I had to guess, Luke simply didn't have much masculine energy compared to the other guys. He did seem kind of meek compared to the other guy who gave the rose to the same girl who rejected luke.

    One thing I want to note, I don't mean masculine and feminine in relation to societal norm. I simply mean them as inherent sexual nature. So to back track, I'm pretty sure Like didn't have that inherent sexual nature, or was unable to express it authentically

  7. i have to say like. matt was so consistently and annoyingly like "my mom would KILL me if i ____" okay for one thing you're a grown ass man. so you don't want to kiss the sweet and beautiful sydney and move "too fast" bc of your mommy but you have no problem being like "i choose bri bc i wanna date a supermodel!!!!!!" what will your dear mother think of that attitude?? ridiculous

  8. I believe Luke when he said that Chris did not offer his rose to anyone else at that time. They recorded that later and added it to the scene while showing footage of the girls.

  9. She could've accepted the rose, have a quick conversation with Luke and say that she has no connnection with him at the time and just leave paradise like Taysha and JPJ. She also didnt want Matt but handled it alot better by accepting the rose and telling him the truth. That was uncalled for what she did to Luke. It was so cold! It also never happened in Bachelor history. If i know anthing about life is that at some point in her life, she will be in the same predicament but worse. It is called karma and apparently it is a bitch! Sooner or later she'll offer her rose to someone and it will be rejected or she'll fall for some guy and he'll dump her and go for another hotter girl when she thinks she found the one!

  10. Luke deserves this. He was a bitch on Hannah’s season and he was still a bitch here. Fuck Luke S. He got bitched by Luke P and hasn’t been the same since. Beta male right here ladies and gentlemen

  11. Watching this back I do believe Luke might be telling the truth that there was a voice over. His own reaction makes it much more likely Chris did not say "this has never happened before" or offered his rose to the group. I don't like Luke but it seems they edited it to make it seem much more cringey than it was.

  12. She’s so mean. There’s so many ways of rejections, yet she’s not even bothered. Lucky she’s got a pretty face, but that won’t last long.

  13. Now Idk what Bri’s intentions were accepting the Rose then denying a relationship with Matt But hear me out… she accepted the Rose because she knew there was no real connection (since she even says the next day that she wants someone to want her for more than her looks and by the way he always refers as the supermodel etc) and so if he didn’t pick Sydney (even though him and Sydney seemed to have connected more) then that just shows he’s chasing after looks so she needed to the chance to show him so he can learn he made a mistake for only chasing for looks and give Sydney the chance to find someone better who actually wants her for her

  14. !!the producers edited a voiceover in to embarass luke further! chris never offered his rose to the other girls! thats a voiceover!!

  15. Hey the funny thing is whover said "this has never happened before" is wrong it has on bachelor in paradise season 2 episode 11 a contestant named mackenzie rejected mikey t rose so luke dont feel to bad it has happened before.

  16. Straight up one of the best guys there. He reminds me of my own husband. Why they gotta do him dirty like that? Kinda mad at BIP over this…

  17. Luke S is so cute, Lost respect for bri after she would even think to accept a rose never the less date anyone named Matt donald 😂😂😂

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  19. From what I've read, Luke S. wasn't well liked on Hannah's season or on BIP. Still, he handled the rejection gracefully. Shame they added that humiliating edit of Chris Harrison saying, Anyone? Anyone? Not nice.

  20. I mean I would do the same thing, but then again 80% of them on the show is there to gain followers and popularity as their main priority but are open to finding love possibly if it occurs of coarse. I wouldn’t have personally risked leaving the show just because I didn’t like somebody if it would help my life after I leave staying longer. Brie must have REALLY not liked him at all to do that. He just can’t be going for 9/10 girls when he’s a pretty average looking guy. It’s just the way it goes, and that’s really really really harsh but it’s more harsh on yourself when you get rejected by somebody out of your league and completely embarrassed like this. It’s way way way more cute seeing a guy like a girl that’s in their league/looks like them and go together well so you don’t expect anything from one another (because if a pretty girl is with a average guy she will expect to be bought things, to be treated extra extra extra special, etc. where as if your with someone equal to you in status, and looks you don’t want anything more than love.

  21. I must be honest…!!!… I thought Luke S. was a total narcissistic, self-promoting jack..s after watching Hannah's season, but after seeing how he was treated here by Bri, Chris Harrison, and the rest of the cast I must say that I completely see a genuinely great person who just wants love like everyone else there.

  22. In a way I kind of don't feel bad because of the way he acted on Hannah's season with Luke P. Luke S lied to Hannah and rest if the guys saying Luke P came after him when really it was Luke S came after Luke P. He ran towards him. Then Luke S started acting like a little baby to the rest of the guys and they all took his side and made them go against Luke P. So I guess the ladies saw him a little wimpy. No girl wants that. But hey Karma is a bitch.

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