Blüte German Flower Themed Cafe in Seoul, Korea (블뤼테 꽃 카페)

Hallo und guten tag (speaking German) Today in Seoul we have found a little slice
of Germany. We are at a cafe (카페) called Blüte (블뤼테)
which means blossom or bloom. It is all about flowers. They have a beautiful garden and flowers and
vases everywhere. Ah, Gamsahabnida (감사 합니다). They just brought us the menu even though
we’ve already ordered. Hahahaha. So, we’re basically waiting for our food. We’re getting some tea, some cake and some
beer (맥주) for Sam because it is a really hot day out. So hopefully that will be here soon. So how cute is this? Sam got a flower (꽃) with his beer (맥주)
and pretzels. First time to ever have a flower with my beer. Anywhere in the world so what a special day
huh. Anyways, I’ve got a Guinness which is awesome
because guys this August has been unbelievably hot in Korea. Like Korea is doing its best impression of
pretending it is somewhere in Southeast Asia. We’re melting here. Melting everyday so we’re just ducking into
cafes as much as we can. So a cold beer is really appreciated. And this is brewed in Dublin which is awesome. Because I’ve been to the storehouse in Dublin. The Guinness Storehouse. So let’s get it going here. Yeah they had no German beers (독일어 맥주)
even though this is a German themed cafe. So yeah. Well that is okay. Guinness is nice. A little Irish. Guinness is always a nice beer. And we got pretzels too. Cheers! Let’s try that. Oh yeah. That’s the real thing. That’s the real deal. Guinness. And what did you end up ordering? I got myself some iced mint tea (민트 차)
with lots of ice cubes. That is nice. It is refreshing. No sugar added whatsoever, very natural. Also, they have me flowers (꽃). That is such a nice touch. Look at that. Wow. So cute. Almost wish you could take them home huh? Yeah. I wonder if you can. And that is a nice looking piece of pie. I have to say. Two forks so I suppose I will share. This is a lemon tart. Let’s see. Lemon cheese tart. It almost looks like the bottom is kind of
like a cheesecake or something. Is it? Mmmmm. It is? Yeah. It is like cheesecake and lemon meringue pie
rolled into one. Oh man pretty good. The bottom is cheesecake and the top is pie. Glad you’re sharing. Going in for a second bite before I even have
any. Agghh. Good stuff? So that was another pretty cool cafe to add
to the list of unusual cafes in Seoul. The prices were a little bit steeper than
other places we’ve gone to so between seven thousand to nine thousand. Which is seven to nine dollars for a cup of
tea or a coffee. But another thing worth mentioning is they
have a little workshop in the back of the cafe (카페) where you can learn how to make
flowers (꽃) arrangements so that is something to keep in mind. Fancy. And what I really liked about this cafe was
the quality of the cake. Top notch cake. It was good cake. Yep. New videos from South Korea every week! Click here!

21 thoughts on “Blüte German Flower Themed Cafe in Seoul, Korea (블뤼테 꽃 카페)

  1. GUINESS in AUS.. Irish MELBOURNE crowd.. Guiness is like water in Melbourne.. LIKE ISLAY SINGLE MALY WHISKY in BEER. IRISH BLACK BUSH will GRETEL wow.

  2. Ultimate Cake…. Here.. GUINNESS rocks.. I had during my uni days in Melbourne.. NOW IN SINGLE MALT SCOTCH and Candian & IRISH whiskies

  3. Hi Guy's,
    Only one slice of cake ? That's not like you two !
    Usually your stuffing your faces until your bursting at the seams ! Ha ha.
    Nice video guys.

  4. i feel good when you guys eat hard, please eat more hahahaha i also like how samuel and audrey explains about the texture and flavour

  5. Audrey looks and sounds like someone from the Baltic region, except for her name… Well, it's not unheard of here just not really a traditional one.

  6. Hi there! My name is Vanessa and I'm a video editor at's "In the Know". I'm making a video on the Flower Café and would love to use your footage if that's okay! You would be credited on screen. Please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] if you have any questions!

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