Hi guys! Today I’m here
to introduce you Nabla’s newness. Many of you already saw anticipations
on my socials or on Nabla Instagram page, but today I’m here to show it to you
officially and describe it in details. The first products are the Blossom Blush,
which are pressed powder blushes and then Shade & Glow, which are
products for contouring and highlighting. These are pressed powder
bronzers and highlighters. I’m so happy to show you
these two face products: we worked hard so that both
the Blossom Blush and the Shade & Glow could achieve the high performance
and quality of all our products. It was also very important to
achieve some peculiar characteristics that can make these blushes,
bronzers and highlighters really perfect. They can really stand out from the others. These products are: easy to apply, without creating patches; extremely easy to blend; long lasting; and finally a characteristic that I always
look for in bronzers, highlighters and blushes: the ability to blend into the skin,
creating a “second skin” effect. It’s a very natural effect that mimics
the natural lights and shades on the face. Even when layered,
they never look cakey or fake. The peculiarity of Blossom Blush
and Shade & Glow is that the powders are fused to a thin, transparent,
non-whitening and invisible spherical mica, which allows us to recreate the skin effect. This mica is also a texturising ingredient. It makes the product very smoothing
and it helps us during application: the powder adheres perfectly to the skin,
but it’s also very easy to blend. It was amazing to look at these
little spherical particles with a microscope and to realize how effective
they are in the finished product. With the bronzers, you can recreate
the natural shading of the face, as if they were the natural
shades on the skin. With the highlighters, you can
create a “glow from within” effect: the skin will look healthy,
dewy and naturally glowing. With the blushes, you can achieve
that natural flush on the cheeks, which can result from an emotion
or from a walk in the fresh air. And of course, there are
different shades to choose from. They pay-off is immediate and
they are perfectly pigmented. The pigments were balanced
to avoid an excess of colour. It’s kind of funny when
companies describe as high quality blushes or contouring powders
because they are super pigmented. This is not right. The pigmentation needs to be studied
to guarantee a very natural effect and to avoid the fake effect
created by too much colour. Blushes, bronzers and
highlighters are well pressed. In fact, the pressing is very important
during the production phase. A well pressed powder allows us
to get the right quantity of product without looking too powdery. Let’s have a closer look
to the actual product. We don’t love very big products
and we prefer convenience. We also want to avoid the waste
that a big product could lead to. This is the dimension of our pans, you can see the comparison
with our eyeshadow. Being a face product,
it can’t be too small What is important is that
it can be used with any brush. Let’s move on to the packaging.
The products will be sold in two formats, I’m going to show them
to you in details. The first one is the refill. The exterior is a dusty pink
for the blush with metallic details. For the Shade & Glow it’s
a burnt brown, with metallic details. They are so beautiful. When you open it up, you’ll get
a packaging sealed with a film which is to be opened from the corner. This is a system that not only
is convenient and hygienic, but is especially eco-friendly. The PET and the paper
are already separated. This makes them
very easy to recycle. They are also sold in these
beautiful rechargeable compacts. They have a very elegant finish:
they are in aluminium, they are well-finished in all details. The blush is a rose sand and
the Shade & Glow is an intense burgundy. They have a compact mirror
and a magnetic closure. The compacts are stunning
and I think they are actual jewels. Imagine when you use it even just
as a mirror during a night out. It’s so elegant and beautiful. They are also rechargeable: you can easily change the pans,
even for a night or a short holiday. I’m going to show you how. Grab the compact from the mirror, Slightly curve your hand, and drop it. It’s very easy. We studied a system that
allows you to choose between placing the pans in the Liberty Twelve,
where you can fit six of them, or having them in the compact,
so that you can carry them around and you’re able to choose
which one to carry each time. The products have a light scent
of vanilla and lime biscuits. I love this scent because it’s exotic
but very delicate. It’s really good. For what it concerns the price,
we respected our policy, which is to create amazing
products at affordable prices. The quality is very high and
so is the attention to details. The texture, the soft touch
packaging with metallic details, the special packaging
studied for the refill pans, the aluminium compact
with an internal mirror, the magnetic base for
the rechargeable system. This is our choice: Nabla is first of all passion and
this allows us to turn down big earnings. The price of the refill is 10,50 Euros
and the price of the compact is 13,90 Euros. With a minimum purchase of six pans
of Shade & Glow and Blossom Blush, you will get a Liberty Twelve for free. I’m now going to quickly
show you all shades and I can’t wait to show them
to you in details in my next videos. The Blossom Blush is inspired
by the freshness of a blossom. Nectarine is a matte pastel peach, that gives a healthy and fresh touch. It’s beautiful on the apples of the cheeks,
especially on warm undertones. Hey Honey! is a peachy brown, a matte biscuit/peach shade. I love this colour:
it’s a medium nude brown that looks perfect when
we use a bright lip colour or when we want to go
crazy on the eyes. It goes well with any look and
it’s beautiful on tanned complexions. Daisy is a matte cool baby pink. It creates the effect of
an innocent flushed cheek in a very natural and healthy way. I love to pair it with a black
or dark brown smokey eye and it looks beautiful also
on an everyday, easy look. Regal Mauve is a satin mauve. It’s a very modern and
mysterious blush shade and it’s very elegant. The base colour is gorgeous,
but I also added a gold satin finish: not only it gives a healthy touch
but it adds a very luminous glow. This makes this shade
gorgeous, unique and sophisticated. Impulse is a blue matte pinky red It’s the classic “healthy effect” shade. It’s perfect to create a natural flush
and it suits all skin tones, from fair to dark. Beloved is a matte medium pinky coral. It’s a very bright and fresh shade. Its peculiarity is that
the pigments are perfectly balanced: the quantity of orange
and pink is the same, and this makes
this shade very versatile. Let’s move on to the bronzers:
Gotham is a matte cool beige taupe I’ve always struggled in finding a
contour shade that suits fair skins: whether they are too grey and dull,
or too warm and not ideal. This is why I created this shade.
I love it and I couldn’t live without it. It allows me to create natural
looking shades on fair to medium skins. I’m sure you’re going to love it. Saint-Tropez is a matte warm medium brown. It’s ideal if you want
a healthy and glowy complexion. I love it to create
the sun-kissed effect by applying it on the
higher points of the face, such as forehead, nose,
chin and cheekbones. I also love it for contouring:
it adds depth and it’s not too orange. Cameo is a matte dark neutral brown. It looks very dark, but
it’s actually very easy to blend and it can be adapted to your skin. It’s neutral, so it suits all skin tones. I love to pair it to Gotham and
Saint-Tropez to add definition and depth. Time for highlighters: Angel is a
champagne white with rose gold reflections. This highlighter
will leave you speechless: It blends perfectly into the skin
and it beautifully reflects the light. It gives a glamorous, glowing effect and it’s perfect also
in the inner corner of the eye. Baby Glow is a light champagne gold. It’s super luminous. If applied on the cheekbones, temples,
bridge of the nose and cupid’s bow, it creates a gorgeous iridescent effect
for a fresh, glowy and youthful look. It suits all fair and medium undertones. Jasmine is an amber golden champagne. It’s a gorgeous highlighter
for darker skins, to enhance the tan. It creates a fresh, healthy
luminous and magnetic skin effect. Blossom Blush and Shade & Glow
are now available on where you’ll find all the descriptions
and information about these products. Let me know what you think,
I’m sure you’re going to love them! I send you a big kiss and
I’ll see you in my next video! Bye!

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