Blooming Onion Bites – How To Make Mini Onion Blossoms

This is Lyle with No Hippie BBQ might be doing today
is going to be submitted your bloomin onions I’m going to be using white red
and yellow onions and they kind of vary in size all the way from a real small
one like that all the way to kind of a bigger one like that anyway it should be
a very simple recipe and ingredients we’re gonna need we’re gonna use some
buttermilk a couple days and some fry mix if you don’t have any fry mix just
throw some flour in a bowl throw in some seasoning you should be good to go
anyway first thing I need to do is get these onions prep solicitous starter
basically the first thing you’re going to do is you’re just going to cut off
the top and then it’s kind of easy if you kind of squirt it down the side so
when you go to peel the onion it’s a little bit easier because we’re going to
take off that first layer now we’re not going to do is we’re not going to cut
off that stem at the bottom we will kind of trim it up a little bit so it doesn’t
fall apart when we start frying it all right so there we go we still have a
little bit that stem left and all we’re going to do is as close as you can
without cutting into the blooming onion we’re just going to trim off the bottom of it
and now once we got that done we’re just going to go ahead and kind of cut all
the way down to the bottom we’re going to make about four decisions from the
top to the bottom without cutting through that stem and if the thing is a
little bit bigger you might be able to go a little bit you may be able to cut a
little bit a few more incisions in there you look like all prepped up I have my
slits cut in here if you look at the bottom you can tell that the root is
still intact so they shouldn’t fall apart when we get them fryin now we just
need to make up our marinade just consisting of two eggs which I already
have in this bowl and then about a cup of buttermilk I’m just gonna be
eyeballing this a little bit more and you know I knew I
had something here spur the moment I’m gonna go ahead and add some hot sauce
from the grill masters club box that I got this is a roasted garlic top sauce
just go ahead and have some of that in all right go ahead yes I’m gonna make
sure that these are fully coated they’re gonna go over the refrigerator
cover is the plastic wrap to keep the fuck down and I’m gonna let them go for
about 45 minutes to an hour free trader might as well whip up a little sauce
with it I just have one of these ranks packets and a cup of mayonnaise in this
bowl I’m gonna hit with some of this roasted garlic Chipotle hot sauce I’m
just eyeballing this this is just a sauce nothing too in-depth then we’re
gonna add this buttermilk until it gets to the consistency so this looks good
medium I go ahead and throw this in the frigerator get my oil heated up I’m
gonna want that boil to be around 350 degrees when we start frying these up
we’ve had these sit in the refrigerator for about an hour and a half it’s time
for us to get this in our fry mixture one of the reasons we put this in
buttermilk was to kind of tone down that bite the some of these onions have and
since I have some red onions in here I figure that was a good idea anyway I
have my flour in the bag I may need a little bit more than this
but we’re just gonna do a few time make sure that they get coated
really well we’re gonna try to make sure that flour gets in those many crevices
as possible it’s a little bit harder with these small líneas but we’re going
to do our best this is our last batch doesn’t look like we’re going to need
any more of this fried mix you should be good to go my loyal is up to 350 degrees
let’s take it to the stove our oil is up to temp let’s go ahead and drop our
first batch so these look like they have the color I
want not quite opening up as much as I would like but I’m sure that they’re
still gonna taste delicious so this right here is a rap these bad
boys didn’t bloom as much as I was hoping they would but basically it’s the
same concept let’s get in dip it in this sauce right quick just seemed like some
of that flour did kind of get in there even though they’re not blooming these
things are a hit these like little bite-size appetizers knocked out about
five or six teas bed with give this a try telling you if nothing else cutting
this onion into those sections does allow it to not be like you’re just
biting into a hole in this I’m telling you this actually look wise didn’t turn
out as good as I wanted to look taste wise better than I expected to taste
anyway thanks for stuff might help me be barbecue I appreciate it comment
subscribe I’m out Blooming Onion Bites. Mini Onion Blossoms

44 thoughts on “Blooming Onion Bites – How To Make Mini Onion Blossoms

  1. * I'm at work watching this video… I need to have something like this for lunch today.*

  2. great tip on cutting the onions Lyle…these blooming onions looked so dang amazing, the bloomed enough for me…wow save me some!!!!

  3. Hey Lyle those onions looked great and I know they banging with flavor! Great video!

  4. Crispy onion jems. Being that small I wasn’t expecting them to open that much, but I’m sure they were still good

  5. Those look killer Lyle. I love Blooming Onions! They look like they would be a lot less messy than a blooming onion and you could make as few or as many as you need.

  6. That is a great idea Lyle! During the growing season I always end up with smaller onions and this would be the perfect way to use them! Thanks

  7. I have wanted to make a blooming onion, this will help. Thanks Lyle. You better eat your six before Mason comes around, lol. 👍

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  9. Hey Lyle looked great, I wonder since they didn't bloom what would it be if you used the little pearl onions. I might have to try your recipe and let you know. Thank you sir for sharing.

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  11. I'm all about the appetizers! I will still try these and if the don't bloom I will call the Bite Size Onion Balls, lol. Dat color doe, lol! Tfs!

  12. just found u. awesome.Im liking your videos alot. I dont eat pork anymore but I still like to watch any cooking videos and Learn something or get ideas. Where you from? and were you in Marines?

  13. Those look delicious friend. I have a huge Texas sweet onion I am going to fry up tonight and I am sure it will turn out great.

  14. I see that the buttermilk you used was produced by Lucerne. That's the milk we get here in northern Alberta. Are you in Canada?

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