Bloom Energy & AEG Team Helps Reduce STAPLES Center’s Carbon Footprint

I do believe that we are one of the most sustainable
venues in the world. STAPLES Center is a flagship venue for AEG. AEG is one of the largest sports entertainment
companies. We have a presence and either ownership, management,
operation of over a hundred and twenty different venues worldwide. And our mission when it comes to sustainability
and energy is to reduce our overall environmental footprint, and to bring value back to the
business. Everything that we do in terms of energy efficiency
we essentially do it first here at STAPLES center. Obviously we’re a 24/7 facility. There is no dark time here whatsoever, so
we’re continually looking for certain ways to keep us in the forefront of sustainability,
hence the fact that we added Bloom to our partnership. We were the first arena to ever put solar
panels on its roof. We’ve completely retrofitted our entire
fluorescent lights throughout the venue and we’re all LED now. With a venue that’s 24/7/365 days a year you
can understand that that’s actually going to add up. We found that the Bloom technology was very
reliable. We believe that the fuel cells are going to
save us 1.2 million pounds in carbon throughout the year. It is my great personal pleasure and privilege
to command AEG and Bloom Energy for teaming up to bring this state-of-the-art green technology
right here to the STAPLES arena. And as business steps up to the plate, it
provides an inspiration for everybody else. We can be a leader because of what we do to
give back to the world as related to sustainability as it relates to our community here.

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  1. But where do you get the Hydrogen from?, unless you use fossil gas to get your Hydrogen but that is still relying on Fossil fuels!

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