BLACKPINK ROSÉ – Fallin’ All In You (Shawn Mendes cover) (Lyrics)

So close with you on my lips. ♡ Touch noses, feeling your breathe Push your heart and pull away, yeah Be my summer in a winter day love♡ I can’t see one thing wrong. Between the both of us Be mine, be mine, yeah♡ Anytime, anytime Ooh, you know I’ve been alone for quite a while, Haven’t I I thought I knew it all Found love but I was wrong,♡ More times than enough But since you came along. I’m thinking, baby You are bringing out a different kind of me. There’s no safety net that’s underneath I’m free, falling all in you♡ Fell for men who weren’t how they appear. Trapped up on a tightrope now we’re here We’re free falling, falling all in you ♡

100 thoughts on “BLACKPINK ROSÉ – Fallin’ All In You (Shawn Mendes cover) (Lyrics)

  1. Her real voice or fake voice, either way it's perfect 😭 All those people who hate on her for her voice should listen to this! A voice full of emotions ❤

  2. Im kinda sad knowing people only recognized this song because Rosé sang it. But she really has a beautiful voice

  3. То чувство,когда Чеён~и перепела Шона Меднеса(Фанаты Шона без обид)

  4. Wow…her voice I really love Rosie…she is beautiful in every way…I'm really a big fan of her…❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Who is here because everyone kept on saying I came for Rosé in Shawn Mendes' video?

    P.S. I love your songs Rosé, thank you for singing this.

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