65 thoughts on “Best Cherry Blossom Spot for Locals in Tokyo (Tetsugakudo Park & Nakano)

  1. What a fun day! I think I'm going to plant a cherry tree. They are so beautiful. I love your videos guys!!!

  2. thank you so much for the tour. it felt like I was there enjoying the Sakura with you guys ^_^ while I was having my morning cup of coffee. very lovely trees and the views from the street is just gorgeous. thank you very much.

  3. It's very lovely to watch your video because of cherry blossom. Its really beautiful.. Thanks alot for showing your wonderful country..

  4. Hi from Paris, guys! We are big fans of your channel here at Senbazuru Origami. We tried a lot of your mugcakes 😀 Here is a origami tutorial we just posted on how to fold a sakura cherry blossom : https://youtu.be/mUZIJigeezU
    It complements well this video I think.

    See you! Pierre & Gilles.

  5. I wish we could visit Japan this season but costs are prohibitive. We hope to be back in Japan in late December or Early January instead.

  6. Wow, it is incredibly beautiful there. Those Cherry Blossoms look like something out of a painting.

  7. It's so nice to see this! Tetsugakudo Park is really lovely, and it looks like the perfect place for hanami. The trees are gorgeous! The cherry trees are done blooming here where I live, although when I was in San Francisco on Tuesday, there were still a few blossoms on some of the trees. The strawberry sandwich looked good with the custard. I hope it was! Please take good care of yourselves, and have a nice weekend. 🙂

  8. we just love,love, love touring around with you guys! always makes us smile! perhaps next time you can show us some examples of birds and wildlife so we can compare to what we have here in NY xo

  9. The sakura is so beautyful there. The experience through out the video is great too. Just like I was there with you, can take a close look to the flower ^-^ Love it guys and thanks for the video.

  10. Cherry blossom trees really give any place a very special feeling. It can be romantic, melancholic, nostalgic, celebratory… Hope you had a nice long holiday

  11. The Sakuras were absolutely gorgeous! I miss it a lot. I couldn't go this year, but I was in Kansai for last year's Sakura season. I can't get enough of just looking at it.

  12. 私の地元も桜やレンゲの花が綺麗に咲くので近くで目の保養が出来てラッキーな感じです☺️
    それとYouTube NextUp 2016コンテスト入賞おめでとうございます!

  13. Very beautiful park!! Not so crowded like in Yoyogi Park.
    I wish I could be during hanami in Japan….

  14. Guys, the cherry blossoms are beyond gorgeous! This week Lulu and I are going to a cemetery (which is more like a beautiful park) famous for its flowering trees, including cherry blossoms. I wouldn't mind indulging in a couple of those strawberry sandwiches with custard! Thanks so much for the fascinating, enjoyable tour of Tetsugakudo and Nakano!

  15. really beautiful video as always, i love how positive all your videos are, always cheers me up & makes me appreciate life more!! i'm flying to tokyo in 7 days, really excited, but also sad how i just missed the best time for sakura, but hopefully there'll be some other things blooming still around somewhere 🙂

  16. Wow…beautiful cherry blossom !!!!  風情がありますね~  By the way, how to say "fuzei" in English? Just curious.

  17. Woah!! Sooo pretty!! Your tree is amaaaazing! The food stalls looks so snug/homey to me, it feels like a great atmosphere just looking at it. Really enjoyed you guys walking us around the parks! I loved it at the end, with the sky getting darker and the trees getting even more beautiful, they really stand out at any time of the day. And also, YES!!! ALWAYS GET SOMETHING!

  18. Beautiful! The sakura help brighten up even the overcast and gloomy looking days. That is a really nice park.

  19. ソメイヨシノの起源は1800年代前半(江戸時代後期)です。
    高精度のDNA 解析により、(オオシマザクラ37%+ヤマザクラ11%)+エドヒガンザクラ47%

  20. 桜いいですね~。年に1回春にだけ短く咲き、そして散る。日本人で良かった。

  21. In portuguese the translatio for sakura blossom is: Flores de cerejeira. or Cerejeiras em flor. heehehehe Nice video guys. Oh My grandson comes tomorrow. Thats sunday day 8 May. Is Mothers Day. here. But I'll gave the best gift. My son says "My dad day"! heheheehhe Cheers guys.

  22. My first time seeing a dessert sandwich, interesting combination. It looks amazing with the cherry blossoms and the lanterns.

  23. Thank you for taking us on your hanami. I can see why that tree in the park is "yours" – so gorgeous! I was able to catch the last of the cherry blossoms at Descanso Gardens in March. Hope y'all are having a wonderful weekend!

  24. What a beautiful neighborhood park! I love that for such a huge city, Tokyo has small quiet spots..

  25. Sakura cherry blossoms are just beautiful! We were in Osaka last month for this. The strawberry sandwich looks good! Will try it the next time we go to Japan and I hope that's soon. Matane! (I hope I spelled this right)

  26. Nakano nice area!!!!! We will be in asakusa visiting my wife's family in 1 week wow !!! Also love Yamazaki Xmas cake too!!!! Nice vid!!!!

  27. I been to Japan about 10 times now still have not seen Sakura yet!!!!!!! One day will be the right time !!!!!

  28. コメントすごくうれしかったです!!!よろしくお願いします。
    英語喋れるんですか😂💗すごいです!!東京の桜も綺麗なんですね° ✧ (´ `) ✧ °

  29. Beautiful Tokyo, Lovely Cherry flowers.Wish i could visit there someday!.. Thanks for sharing to us… Love it indeed!..

  30. The streets at the start of the video looks very familiar 😛 Nice video! Makes me miss Sakura! Maybe we could gather some people and have a BBQ next time or something ^^

  31. I was wondering where Mom was? I hope you boys weren't too late and made Mom something delicious! How wonderful she's with you for Mother's Day. The parks and streets were beautiful. I'm curious, do the blossoms attract butterflies or hummingbirds? Thanks for sharing your beautiful Country and your adventures with us. 🌸😸

  32. Nice neighbourhood! It's only been a couple weeks since the last sakura petals are gone but I really miss the beautiful cherry blossoms already! This also reminds me to finish up and post my hanami videos soon too!

  33. I've always wanted to see the sakura cherry blossoms. Thank you for making a great video depicting the overall experience.

  34. Reminded me of my childhood in Tokyo… I've lived in D.C. long enough to compare Cherry trees but altho they are the same trees (of course, they were the gifts from Japan) BUT had different feeling watching Cherry blossoms in Tokyo & D.C…. And that strawberry sandwitch! Just looking at it reminded me of the taste in my mouth! Deliiiish! Funny Mr. Satoshi was getting buzzed with just one can of beer 😉 I thought I was a light weight! hahaha Glad you guys had a great sakura viewing. Thanks for sharing.

  35. hi guys just asking, how many colors does sakura flowers has? how i wish i could have a pot of sakura at home:))

  36. So beautiful! I went hanami at Ueno park and Megurogawa when I was in Tokyo. Wonderful experience 🙂

  37. I love Sakura Tree..we have them also here in Germany especially now in the Springtime..they are so Beautiful…

  38. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you! Next year I definitely want to visit the park! Will you mind me (a tourist!) sharing your tree? 🙂
    p.s. I don't often drink beer or wine – but with such beautiful cans I might just begin!

  39. Sooo beautiful my friends, thank you taking us along with you!! Those little lanterns swinging in the wind are so cute! I see Santoshi finally gets his beer fix lol! 👍👍

  40. Beautiful and the cherry blossoms are awesome and so are those lanterns hanging. There are many things from this video that I want to draw and will soon. Thanks again for another awesome video.

  41. I love Sukara trees 😀 Something that God can only make….I need to go to Japan and experience it myself!

  42. Have you seen how beautiful it is in Washington DC due to a very wonderful gift that we are very thankful for from the Japanese government of cherry trees?

  43. Cherry trees on one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life either here in the US or in Japan! 🙂

  44. I enjoyed this video but Satoshi looked not like himself by the time you got to the festival area. That's all I will say.

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