38 thoughts on “Bee pollen slow motion Flow™ Hive

  1. one time my husband gil, and a few other couples were up in the Canon kicking back. I was sitting on the tailgate of Gilson truck beside of him,any a bee was buzzing around me, and I was all nervous and started to.shoe it away gil said just relax and stop shoeing it and just sit still it won't sting you. so I did what my husband said.a little while later my thigh got a bit hot so I looked down at my thigh to decoder the be was there still on me stinging me still. I knocked it off my thigh, all the while gil was watching what was happening. I had to pull the stinger out, and now by this time my thigh was beginning to burn really bad and it was starting to inch as well, well it was hurting. anyway right there in front of God and everybody who was kicking back in the Canon with us I started crying softly hoping no one else but my husband would notice. I wasn't crying because of the pain I was crying because the bee had hurt my feelings!!!!!!! I am not kidding in the least. that damned bee actually hurt my feelings.because gil said to sit still and stop batting it away and I would be OK it would not sting me.that was the first and last time a bee has ever stung me, by the way, none of our friends that were there with us ever noticed my tears thank god,but when I explained my husband the reason behind my tears, he laughed and laughed at me because he asked. how could that bee have made you cry by hurting your feelings that's the funniest thing I have ever heard.but it's true that's why I cried over a bee who hurt my feelings!!!!!!!well to this day I still don't like bees buzzing around me and I still find myself batting them away from me it a natural act I guess batting them away, I do know though how inpirtant the little buggers are to this world of ours and I do so like to eat their taste honey. so please you keep up the good work that your doing and I will keep eating that dalious honey. thank you

  2. Music too loud compared to the voice. I'm not English motehr tongue and some parts are hard to understand.

  3. Hi there, lovely video,,I just wondered if you could help me. I am wanting to take some video of insects for a project I'm working on. I just wondered if you could give me any information at all on the type of camera and lens you used to capture this beautiful film, I know ultra high speed cameras are very expensive but I think if I could get something at about the speed of this film it would work for me. any help on this would be so much appreciated . Keep up the wonderful work…

  4. Excellent footage! What equipment did you use to capture it? Especially the scene from inside the entrance… it's breathtaking!

  5. I love bees 🐝 i watch them around afternoon and see them with their baskets of pollen, so cute, sometimes i see a bee on the rain water tank collecting water. My heart shrinks whenever i see an injured bee and i do my best to help them, i place them on a flower and give them drops of water or sugar/honey water. The most hardworking creature yet the way they die is brutal 🙁 People should be educated about the bees and stop killing them in anyways. Thanks to you and people like you for spreading the word

  6. Wow! Interesting video! I'm working on the activity about the honeybees with pollens for preschoolers. I understand about the information on the honeybees doing with pollen. Thanks, man!

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