Bee Pollen Products Under FDA Scrutiny

The US FDA wants consumers to be aware of
the potential health risks tied to some over-the-counter bee pollen products. I’m Gabe Garza with your
latest health news. On Friday, Dec. 18th, the FDA issued warnings about three bee pollen
products — sold as weight loss products — noting that they contained two undeclared
ingredients that can harm consumers. Those undeclared ingredients were sibutramine and
phenolphthalein. Sibutramine was removed from the market five years ago because it could
cause severe effects in heart disease patients and interact with other medications, according
to the FDA. Phenolphthalein is not FDA-approved, and, according to the agency, past research
has tied it to a raised risk of cancer. The FDA said consumers should be wary of dietary
supplements that claim to cure or combat any disease.

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