Bee Pollen Is It Any Good?

“Doctor Eric how are you? What about the consumption of bee pollen? Please Reply.” Well, being a bee keeper I’m gonna tell you
that I love bee pollen. I think bee pollen’s one of the best things
you can do for yourself to build up your immune system. So bee pollen in a phenomenal food. It’s a very high protein food. So bees go to flowers. They bring pollen back. They’ve got these little pollen baskets behind
their legs and they stuff them full of pollen and basically they bring them back to the
hive because pollen’s high protein is nearly to feed the baby bees and to feed the bees. So the honey is stored for the sugar, for
the quick energy and then they got the protein source there as well from the pollen. Now pollen contains all of the known amino
acids, both the essential and non essential. Pollen is incredibly good for a persons immune
system. The best pollen that you can consume is pollen
that’s grown in your district. So flowers of course they grow around you,
will have the better effect on your body I believe than flowers that come from 5,000
miles away, a totally different environment. So yeah. Small amounts of pollen. Pollen has been linked in some rare cases
to increasing blood pressure in people, but only very rarely. I may only heard of it maybe once or twice
in all the years, but be careful which how much pollen you have. You don’t want too much pollen. A couple of teaspoons per day is more than
enough, but it’s and exceptionally good tonic for the body. It contains huge amounts of magnesium and
many trace elements even hard to get trace elements. It’s full of protein, lots of amino’s in there. It also contains very unique factors in there
which have a big effect on stimulating different aspects of your immune function. So I do recommend pollen. Some people may get allergies from pollen,
it’s very rare, and it’s also very expensive to buy good pollen, but it’s certainly worth
while putting pollen into your diet. I would rate it as a super food alongside
salmon, avocados, and blueberries. It’s certainly a powerful food to eat, so
I fully recommend it. So thanks for that question everyone. Thanks for that question. Last thing to leave you with is don’t buy
imported pollen from China. Okay. I wouldn’t recommend you do that. I recommend if you’re in the states, buy American
pollen. If you’re in New Zealand, by New Zealand pollen,
but don’t by imported pollen because we’ve got no idea on the regulations in countries
like China and how things are kept or I would just buy U.S. pollen if you live there or
Canadian pollen or whatever. Now that’s a good tip I’ll leave you with. Thanks for the question.

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  1. I drink raw/unrefined, pure honey 🍯 in my tea everyday, so I’m thrilled that you give it a thumbs up. Thank you!👍

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