Becca Feeken Cinch and Go Flowers Tutorial

hi there my name is Becca freaking with
amazing paper grace and I’m a licensed designer with spell binder paper arts so
I have a series of flours that I wanted to tell you about they are called cinch
and go these are all cinch and go flowers and you’ll see some
characteristics I like to clump all of the flowers together so that you can cut
them in one pass on your cutting machine I’ve done that so you don’t have to
chase them around the die cutting machine and you’re gonna get all the
petals you need to make one flower also each set temp typically comes with a
leaf and then the the remarkable factor that you’ll see about them is they all
have a hole in the center and the hole is very it’s very important so I’m going
to be making flowers with cinch and go3 okay
to make the cinch and go flowers of course we need our dye but I’m also
going to need a stylist and gonna need some wire and this should be a pretty
thin wire so that you can actually bend it pretty easily just need to you won’t
see it in the end but it’s actually going to be a holder for us and then
we’re also going to need a spray bottle I’ve gone ahead and taken the liberty of
cutting quite a few of these so I’ll just go ahead and lay those out here and
what we’re gonna do is we’re going to take our water and spritz them so that
they’re wet and this is kind of what feels good there’s no scientific to it
at all so with my spritz bottle I’m going to go ahead and I’ve I have a
piece of plastic here so that my mat doesn’t get wet and I’m just gonna
spritz them now this doesn’t mean douse them for all time but you know you do
want to get some water on them and then what I do is I turn them over there’s a
saturation point with paper and so that’s what we’re looking for is that
saturation point I want it to be mushy but not
so mushy that the paper is gonna fall apart so what I do is I kind of smush
them around until I feel this go from paper to very very flexible so there we
go so I’m going to set these off to the
side now because they’re ready to start being worked with I also have a little
foam mat it has quite a bit of give in it and this is what I’m going to use
with the stylus so let me take the first petal and I’m going to lay that down now
these were flowers that we die-cut but we didn’t emboss because you don’t need
an emboss so I’m actually going to burnish them by pressing down and
pulling back and that actually shapes the petal just like this and I go all
the way around so I have a fairly big end on my stylus just press down and
pull back press down and pull back and this gives some shape and some gesture
to the leaves I mean to the petals you kind of have to decide as my flower all
going up or is it all going down so there we go right there so this one is
done what I typically do is I turn it over and then I poke in the center so
that I have something like this okay so I’m going to do that with actually all
of my petals and the stylus would be appropriately sized for the end of the
petal for instance this one just fits in the end of that heart and it it’s going
to work out better so we’ll do that and I will go around very quickly and I want
to make about two or three flowers so that I can cluster them together in in
this case you know all of these dyes are pretty much the same they don’t have
natural ragged edges or anything like that and that is actually going to make
it easier you know to put them together so we want some of every size because in
real life petals in different sizes now I’ve got the tiny
one here I’m gonna go to the smaller stylist and do the same thing I will
caution you the papers wet and if you get too rough with it it would tear so
I’m just gently pressing and pulling back pressing and pulling back and we’ll
go through quite a bit quite a few of these so there we go
set that off to the side to put a flower together as I said you’re gonna need a
piece of wire and so there’s my wire and then you’re also going to need a curl
with a hole in it so I have some pearls I’m just going to
pick one out and lay it to the side what we do is go through the wire I mean the
pearl the hole in the Pearl with the wire and I generally fold the wire in
half make it to a point and then twist you see what I’m doing I’ve put that
down there at the end and twisted it so that it stays down at the end and the
rest of this wire isn’t really going to make a difference it’s just a holder
okay so I’m gonna straighten that out now okay so now comes the cinch and go
part I’m going to start out with my smallest petal and I’m going to actually
thread it on to the wire and I’m going to send it all the way down to the end
okay like so what I typically do is I will put a little dollop of hot glue in
there so that the petals form around the flower around the pearl so I’ll just go
in here like this okay go in there like that with a dollop of glue and then pull
that up and around okay so now I’m going to turn it over and I’m going to put a
dollop of glue right there I’ll pick up my second pedal and this
one I want to offset so that the pedals don’t fall the same in the same place so
I’ll actually load it on right here and then I’ll let that glue take so
there that’s where we’re at so far and then I’ll keep doing that
so I will take a dollop of glue and put right behind it and then I’ll come on
with another petal right through the flower and then I’ll offset those leaves
so that they’re in a different place so we we’ve made a flower that’s a flower
let me just tilt it up so that you can see just like that that’s a cinch and go
flower it’s that easy so I typically leave them on the stem
until I figured out what to do with them so now all I have to do is make a couple
more and we’ll put them on a card so that you can see what the end result is
I’m going to show you that I have this little frame that has decorative paper
inside this is something I love to do and the flowers are perfect just with a
hot glue gun I’m going to go in behind them and put some glue and then what I’m
going to do is bend down that wire so that it’s not in the way at all and it
actually could have done that before the hot glue and then I’m going to actually
stick it to the frame so you know here we have one of the flowers in place I’m
going to go ahead and Bend this out of the way for the next one oh and you’re
gonna want to let I’m working with my flowers are still a little bit wet
you’re gonna want to let them dry I love to let them dry for actually an hour or
two they’ll have a little bit of a different texture and then when you come
back they’ll be nice and solid so that you can put them on your project okay so
that’s going to actually give us a frame that we can work it with of course I’m
going to come back and I’m gonna do a sentiment or I’ll put somebody’s picture
in that but that’s just a quick way to get embellishment flowers from a die
branded the dies through three or four times came out with all I needed
spritz them you know stacked them up and they were
ready to go and that’s why we call them cinch and go flowers they’re very easy
they’re very pretty and you don’t have to have any special skill to mold them
or make them in a certain way I’m very glad that you would let me share them
with you and I hope that you use them on your cards and projects to come you

13 thoughts on “Becca Feeken Cinch and Go Flowers Tutorial

  1. Great tutorial as usual Becca! I always love your videos. I would love it if you could do one on the bow helpers and closures dies, I am trying to find videos showing how to use them but have had no luck with finding any.

  2. Hi love all theses flowers some i have and use all the time very easy to die cut as they are joined thank you jacqui from edinburgh scotland xxx

  3. Hey Becca….thank you for showing us beginners how to form these gorgeous flowers. I have many of your die collections and all I can say is you are the best when it comes to creating the most intricate and pretty collections in the paper crafting industry and we are so lucky to have you. Thank you, dear!

  4. Great tutorial. I’ve always had difficulty shaping the flowers but then I didn’t put that much water in them. I will give it another try now. Thanks for sharing these tips and techniques.

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