Beautiful Sakura Cherry Blossom FLUID PAINTING ๐ŸŒธ – Acrylic Pouring Art Technique (2019)

hello my creative friends Olga from
smart art materials here and today I’m going to show you how to create Sakura
cherry blossom and Mount Fuji fluid painting as you know I love working in
acrylic pouring technique and today’s video is very special for me
we have beautiful warm and sunny spring here in Vancouver this year everything
is flowering and blossoming all around and this beautiful spring time has
inspired me so much and I created several blooming and floral fluid
paintings and today’s video is just the first one out of this series these are
the colors that I’m using today and to find out exact colors brands and the
recipe of how I mix my paint with floetrol check out the description under the
video and this is my pouring container that you see in all of my pouring videos
and it looks like a mess but it’s actually extremely handy and has a lot
of different benefits if you want to make one for yourself on my website I
have a detailed do-it-yourself step-by-step guide so check out this
link in the corner and I’m also going to add it in the description alright let’s
get started for the first part of today’s pour I’m
going to do a swipe and if you have seen my Poppies video you already know the
idea of this technique so first I load the canvas with base colors and today I
choose pink and red shades to create nice blooming palette now I load my swipe color and normally I
would swipe from top to the bottom but today I’ll go from left to the right
just to be different in Poppies pour I use paper towel but
today I want to try swiping with spatula I’m moving slowly keeping a spatula
almost flat to the surface I didn’t add any silicone to any of the colors
because I don’t need any cells and I want to create a sort of sunset sky
background next step pouring the Mount Fuji and
actually it’s volcano so the top should be more flat but my mountain decided to
be sharp if you have been watching my videos for
a while you know that I love using painting knives I use them all the time
they are pretty versatile not only when you’re painting but also when you work
with fluid paint and need to move it around if you don’t have such knives you
can use craft sticks or just whatever you have around but if you like such
techniques when you’re creating something with intention just get
yourself a set of knives they are very handy there is a very nice and
affordable set of five for only seven bucks on Amazon so check it out I’m
going to leave the link in the description for you so as I blow the top layer opens and the
colors from the bottom layer show up creating these beautiful petals I’m
sorry that my head is on the way as you can see I’m using the metal straw
I propagandize the no waste or less waste acrylic pouring and on my website
you can find an article with eleven practices to minimize the waste and
washable and reusable metals straw in the opposite to plastic straws is one
of them it looks like the flowers are blending
in together too much so adding a darker core to make them more defined let me know how you like my blooming
Sakura fluid painting and if you give this technique a try
please share your result in smart art materials Facebook group I hope you
enjoyed today’s video give it a like if you did and please subscribe to my
channel if you want to stay in touch thank you for watching enjoy the spring
and have fun pouring

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