BEAUTIFUL Cherry🌸Blossom Park In Amsterdam + USA Travel News!

Alrighty I think the Tootsie needs some gas…
So first let’s get some gas So, let’s go and check out some beautiful cherry
blossom trees. Now this is the A2 between Utrecht and Amsterdam, it’s about 35
kilometers piece of highway so 20 miles so it’s not very long but it is the the
widest sort of highway we have in the Netherlands it’s five lanes, it’s pretty
much always busy this is not rush hour by the way, this is about 11 a.m. on a
Wednesday and there’s still quite a lot of traffic. Why is this the most boring
highway in the world? Well because it’s pretty much only flat straight-ahead
road… which is usually very busy and the speed limit is 60 miles an hour 100
kilometres an hour, that is the speed limit over here… and they have what we
call a trajectcontrole, I don’t really know the English word for that but it’s but it’s pretty much they they measure your your speed from the
beginning till the end, so if you’ve been doing like 110 the whole way then they
measure that and you get a ticket. This is also the highway with the most speed
tickets of the whole country, because most people don’t realize that they’re
going a little bit too fast and then yeah you got a ticket. This is not great
but luckily I don’t have to drive here that often so every once in a while
that’s okay. Yeah I’m gonna quit talking out because I need to get an exit here
so let’s see you later So we have arrived at the lovely town of
Amstelveen which is just right below Amsterdam So guess what springtime is here the
weather is not that great today so yeah but we’re not gonna be discouraged by
that we’re just gonna do what we wanted to do and that is see some beautiful
cherry blossom trees! I mean me personally I think spring is the most
beautiful time of the year and I always really love those you know those
japanese-style gardens with those beautiful cherry blossom trees and all
those flowers so yeah today I brought my camera it’s in that bag
yeah and I’m gonna try to make some nice beautiful footage of the of the cherry
blossom trees. Also I’ve got some other news regarding our USA trip but you know
what I will tell you about that later first let’s go to that Park and see how
beautiful it is let’s go! Amstelveen, what a nice picturesque place. Amstelveen bouwt
aan de toekomst… that means they are building the future… well good for them
What the hell is this? cas, kees, Henk… I guess this is where Henk
used to be, he’s not here right now so It’s funny when you’re driving 100
kilometers an hour doesn’t really seem that fast but when you’re like outside
and you see the cars flying by you realize how freakin fast it is man it’s
unbelievable I hope it’s not gonna be too crowded because the cherry blossom
timespan like the period that they blossom is about two weeks, it’s pretty
short so we have like a very short amount of time to actually see the whole
park blossoming. Oh my god guys I think I already see the blossom over there! There
it is oh my god, maybe it’s kind of lame to get excited over cherry blossom, but
who cares I’m excited! Alright guys time to bring out the good camera, and cue the
music by the way! It’s like I have died and
gone to cherry blossom heaven! How can you not love spring and cherry blossom?
Yeah as I said the blossoming period of this whole park is like two weeks so a
week from now like all this could just be gone if you like cherry blossom
please give this video a thumbs up But yeah I’ve got other things to do today
so I guess let’s get back to the Tootsie ‘mobile whoo Oh God so that brings me to the
other thing I wanted to do today get a haircut so let’s see if that’s gonna
work… and as you can see still no new haircut…
my hairdresser is more popular than I thought, just called them and they
don’t have any free spots available today so I’m gonna have to do that
another day yes! Look at my ass So that was the the cherry blossom
adventure I hope you guys like that, and there’s something else that I want to
announce on this video: On our USA trip that is coming up in July this year
I am actually going to visit one of my pen pals from the WriteaPrisoner.
And I’m really excited about this because as you may know I did two videos
about if you haven’t seen that video I will link it
somewhere up here so you can have a look so I’ve been writing for about a year
with a few inmates and one guy in particular where I made some sort of a
connection and actually build a friendship with, even though I haven’t
met him in real life yet but yeah Anyways long story short this guy is
locked up in Oregon and we’re gonna be in Oregon in July so I thought to myself
you know what if I’m not gonna try and visit this guy I’m just basically an
asshole. I mean how much of a douchebag would I be if I wouldn’t try that right?
So there’s a few things that I needed to arrange for that because since I’m an
international visitor I need to have some sort of an international background
check so I had to go to the Dutch courthouse for that apply for such a
form that form will take at least a month for them to process and blah blah
so that that will show that I don’t have any criminal records I hope… none that I
know of and yeah so basically when I get that form I need to email a copy of that
form to the prison to the institution and then I should be cleared for
visitation. Obviously when we’re there I’m not allowed to film in there so I
won’t be able to actually film my encounter with this guy, but I will
obviously shoot the video up until that moment so I’ll try to film as much as I
can up to the point where they tell me okay you can’t film here anymore… yeah
but that is like really interesting for me to be able to actually meet this guy
go to a prison in the United States and you know see what it’s like see the
environment that they’re living in so yeah I mean it’s pretty amazing that you
know, I started writing this guy about a year ago and now this summer I will
actually be visiting him! I’m pretty excited about that, I wanted to share
that with you guys… obviously it’s still gonna be a few months before we’re there.
But you know something else to look forward to, that is what life should be
about man looking forward to things you know being excited about things you know
it’s cherry blossoms springtime whatever tickles your fancy
or maybe winter and being depressed and sitting at home I mean hey and some
people like that too… Anyways I really hope you guys like this video, subscribe
to my channel for more good stuff give it a thumbs up if you liked it and I
will see you in the next one: peace! I’m quite far away from the camera because I
have my 25 millimeter on and I didn’t feel like switching lenses again because
I’m lazy so I can’t do the… see how far away I am? Sorry!

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